Planning applications, July 31, 2014

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The following applications have been submitted to the Department of Infrastructure for consideration.

14/00883/B Removal of redundant chimney stack, 6 Ballacriy Park Colby ARBORY

14/00871/C Permission for Crossroads Care to occupy light industrial units and undertake furniture repair, storage and distribution with supporting administrative staff accommodation, Units 5 & 6 Block B Ballapaddag Industrial Estate BRADDAN

14/00873/B Variation of condition three of PA 13/91391/C to increase the total number of children allowed from nineteen to twenty seven, The Old Chapel Main Road Union Mills BRADDAN

14/00551/B Installation of replacement windows, 12 Bank Street (Re advertised due to amended plans received) CASTLETOWN

14/00894/B Reclamation of river bank along Qualtrough’s Yard side of Siverburn River, creation of two mid-channel islands to be used as habitat for wildlife, construction of viewing platform on the Victoria Road side leading to a riverside walkway, Silverburn River Restoration Scheme Victoria Road CASTLETOWN

14/00805/C Variation of condition 2 of PA 96/01394/B by Manx Churches Adoption & Welfare Society to enable the property to be used by any other office user, 3 Albany Lane (Re advertised due to amended plans received) DOUGLAS

14/00876/B Erection of an elderly person’s care home with parking and landscaping to replace existing vacant bus garage, Former Bus Depot Salisbury Street DOUGLAS

14/00891/GB Alterations and refurbishment works to building, erection of an outdoor canopy and creation of an internal retail area (in association with 14/00892/CON), Railway Station Banks Circus DOUGLAS

14/00892/CON Registered Building consent for alterations and refurbishment works to building, erection of an outdoor canopy and creation of an internal retail area (in association with 14/00891/GB) Registered Building Nos. 74, Railway Station Banks Circus DOUGLAS

14/00899/B Replace existing glazed conservatory roof with roof tiles, 17 Second Avenue DOUGLAS

14/00882/A An application for approval in principle for a residential development to replace existing Inn, Glen Helen Inn Glen Helen St Johns GERMAN

14/00902/B Erection of a an extension to replace existing conservatory to side elevation, White House Poortown Road St Johns GERMAN

14/00804/B Conversion and erection of extension to existing out building to provide a separate dwelling and creation of associated parking and vehicular access, Baldrine Manor Ballagawne Road Baldrine (Re advertised due to amended proposal description) LONAN

14/00880/B Alterations and erection of extensions to dwelling and erection of a detached summerhouse, Linden Lea Old Lonan Road Baldrine LONAN

14/00877/B Alterations and erection of extensions to dwelling, Shearwater Fort Island Road Derbyhaven MALEW

14/00874/B Amendments to agricultural workers dwelling and its location (approved under PA 09/00661/B), Fields 324201 & 324202 Glen Lough Farm Ballahutchin Hill Union Mills MAROWN

14/00896/B Replace existing glazed conservatory roof with roof tiles, 34 St Runius Way Glen Vine MAROWN

14/00901/B Installation of replacement roof tiles to dwelling and garage, Bridge House West Baldwin MAROWN

14/00879/B Alteration and extension to existing porch, Holiday Cottage Primrose Lodge Slieau Lewaigue Lewaigue MAUGHOLD

14/00898/B Alterations and extensions to provide car port and additional living accommodation and associated external decking area, Cerise Cottage Ballure Holiday Homes Ballure MAUGHOLD

14/00900/B Variation of condition 1 of PA 99/01051/B to remove agricultural/equestrian tie from property, Cronk-Ny-Fessag Little London MICHAEL

14/00886/B Replacement of existing glazed conservatory roof with roof tiles, 18 Sunnybank Avenue ONCHAN

14/00895/B Replacement of existing glazed conservatory roof with light weight roof tiles, 33 Bemahague Avenue ONCHAN

14/00872/A Approval in principle for the erection of a detached dwelling, Land At Fo Glion, Bayr Glion Rushen Main Road Glen Maye PATRICK

14/00875/B Conversion of former hairdressers to a take-away/delicatessen and installation of extractor flue to rear elevation (retrospective), 3 Atholl Place PEEL

14/00881/B Alterations and erection of extension to rear of dwelling, 3 Ballaquane Road PEEL

14/00628/B Erection of single storey extension to rear and two additional windows to side elevation, 74 Erin Way (Re advertised due to amended plans received) PORT ERIN

14/00893/B Replacement of former hotel building with a scheme of 34 residential apartments, Former Port Erin Royal Hotel Promenade PORT ERIN

14/00657/B Conversion of existing garage to living accommodation, including installation of glazed doors and side lights, installation of dormer to replace existing roof lights, erection of new porch, alterations to first floor windows and balcony rails, Rock Cottage Shore Road Underway (Re advertised due to amended plans received) PORT ST MARY

14/00878/B Creation of driveway and vehicular access onto highway, Pen Y Bryn Queens Drive West RAMSEY

14/00884/B Replacement of section of collapsed sea wall, Section Of Sea Wall Mooragh Promenade RAMSEY

14/00887/B Construction of porch to existing entrance, 4 Mona Street RAMSEY

14/00888/B Demolition of redundant workshop to enable extension of existing car park (in association with 14/00889/CON), Cannons Court Water Street RAMSEY

14/00889/CON Registered Building consent for the demolition of redundant workshop to enable extension of existing car park (in association with 14/00888/B), Cannons Court Water Street RAMSEY

14/00885/C Extension to residential curtilage of dwelling (retrospective), Part Of Field 414242 Ajacent To Kimmeragh Ballafesson Road RUSHEN

14/00890/B Erection of conservatory to rear elevation, Broadmeadows Qualtroughs Lane Ballafesson RUSHEN

14/00897/B Erection of porch extension, installation of additional window to dwelling and alteration to vehicular access, Droskyn Garth Avenue Surby RUSHEN


In accordance with the aforementioned Orders and Regulations, the above applications have been validated for consideration. A laminated Site Notice has been sent to the applicant for displaying at the site. Copies of the applications are available for viewing at the Office of Planning and Building Control, via the appropriate Local Authority, or the detail can be viewed and commented on online by visiting the Isle of Man Government’s online services

Whilst criteria for the submission of comment may differ under each instrument of legislation, to give weight to any representation or submission, and to enable assessment of parties for interested person status (as defined in the 2013 Order) persons are encouraged to clearly indicate the relationship between their land or buildings and the land that is the subject of the application. They must express sufficient interest in the subject matter of the application if they wish to take part in any subsequent proceedings.

Please also be aware that any anonymous representations or submissions will not be considered as part of any planning determination.

Applications submitted under the 2005 Orders and Regulations will be determined in accordance with the processes and procedure defined by that legislation. Planning applications received under the Town & Country Planning (Development Procedure) (No 2) Order 2013 (after August 1st 2013) will be considered under this Order.

Any persons wishing to make written representation or submission must direct them to the Secretary to the Planning Committee, Planning and Building Control, Department of Infrastructure, Murray House, Mount Havelock, Douglas IM1 2SF, ensuring that such comment is submitted by 22nd August 2014.

Please be aware that all written representations OR SUBMISSIONS will be available for PUBLIC scrutiny and will form part of any proceedings arising in connection with the application.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications made by the Department of Infrastructure or in which the Department is deemed to have a vested interest (below) are treated differently.

Planning Application(s) 14/00884/B (RAMSEY), 14/00891/GB (DOUGLAS) & 14/00892/CON (DOUGLAS) referred to previously are applications by the Department of Infrastructure (DOI) or are in which the Department is deemed to have a vested interest. As such these applications will not be determined by the DOI, but will, following a period of 21 DAYS be referred to the Council of Ministers. Persons may view these applications and submit written representations or submissions to the DOI, Murray House ensuring that such comment is submitted by 22nd August 2014. However, such representations or submissions will be conveyed by the DOI to the Cabinet Office, Government Office, Douglas who will thereafter manage the administration of the application(s) on behalf of the Council of Ministers.


The next public meeting of the Planning Committee is to be held at 10.00am 4th August 2014 at the Ground Floor Meeting Room, Murray House, Mount Havelock, Douglas, Isle of Man.

Copies of the agenda for the meeting are available at least three working days prior to the meeting at the Department, or from the Department’s website Copies are also circulated to the Local Authorities.

Members of the public and applicants are welcome to attend the meeting.

PUBLIC SPEAKING at Planning Committee

Please be aware that there is opportunity for persons to speak at the meeting provided they meet the requirements and have registered to do so beforehand.

The process and procedure for doing is available by contacting the Department on 685950 or may be downloaded at the Departments website, above address.

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