Planning applications: July 6, 2011

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Latest planning applications from the Department of Infrastructure.

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Town and Country Planning (Development Procedure) Order 2005

Registered Buildings Regulations 2005 The Control of Advertisements Regulations 2005

The Town and Country Planning (Certificates of Lawful Use or Development) Regulations 2005

The following applications have been submitted to the Department for consideration.

11/00881/B Erection of detached garage, turning area and driveway extension, Colby Croft Glen Road Colby ARBORY

11/00863/B Alterations, replace garage doors with windows and erection of a porch and detached garage to dwelling, Arderry Glen Road BALLAUGH

11/00871/B Erection of a replacement detached dwelling with integral garaging and creation of improved vehicular access, Bay View Old Castletown Road Port Soderick BRADDAN

11/00868/B Installation of a replacement front door to dwelling, 105 Malew Street CASTLETOWN

11/00872/B Installation of replacement windows, 28 Head Road DOUGLAS

11/00891/C Change of use of ground floor rooms to office accommodation, 75 Bucks Road DOUGLAS

11/00407/B Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a replacement dwelling, Gloccamora And Adjacent Land Douglas Head (Re advertised due to amended plans received) DOUGLAS

11/00884/B Installation of replacement windows to front elevation, 4 Wesley Terrace DOUGLAS

11/00886/B Erection of front porch, 33 Ballabrooie Grove DOUGLAS

11/00887/B Installation of French doors to replace existing window on rear elevation, 61 Woodbourne Road DOUGLAS

11/00889/B Installation of replacement windows and window alterations (comprising amendment to PA 10/01694B), 64 Derby Square DOUGLAS

11/00890/B Demolition of rear annex and erection of garage and kitchen extension with roof terrace over (comprising amendment to PA 10/00996B), 64 Derby Square DOUGLAS

11/00867/C Additional use of basement as an Osteopathic studio, Flat 1 Glen Villa Apartments DOUGLAS

11/00869/B Erection of an extension to rear yard, 13 North Quay DOUGLAS

11/00874/B Erection of a front porch, 22 Hillcroft Rise DOUGLAS

11/00877/B Erection of a meteorological wind monitoring mast, Field 132696 Narradale Sulby LEZAYRE

11/00878/B Improvements to existing vehicular access, new access road and creation of horse training enclosure, Field 134924 Glentramman Farm Garey Road Garey LEZAYRE

11/00880/B Erection of a storage barn and hardstanding, Field 434105 The Lodge Ballaquaggan Farm Douglas Road Ballasalla MALEW

11/00882/B Installation of additional dormer windows, balcony, new external door, windows and chimney stack, Lea House Solomon’s Corner Ballamodha MALEW

11/00870/B Erection of a tractor shed with store room, Football Club Billy Goat Park Stoney Mountain Road Eairy MALEW

11/00556/A Approval in principle for erection of a dwelling, Former Tennis Court Adjacent To Close-Ny-Howin Main Road Union Mills (Re advertised due to amended plans received) MAROWN

11/00866/B Installation of pitched roof to replace existing flat porch roof and replacement windows, Greenways 17 Greeba Avenue Glen Vine MAROWN

11/00865/B Conversion of barn to additional living accommodation and construction of link atrium to main dwelling (Amendment to PA 11/00201/B), Ballagorry Beg Glen Mona MAUGHOLD

11/00876/B Alterations and extension to dwelling, Mountain View 36 Cannan Avenue MICHAEL

11/00460/C Change of use of part of building to accommodate use as a Doctors Surgery, Cannan Court Main Road (Re advertised due to amended proposal description) MICHAEL

11/00875/B Extension with raised decking to rear elevation, 8 Buttermere Drive ONCHAN

11/00862/B Installation of replacement windows to front elevation, 140 Royal Avenue ONCHAN

11/00892/B Installation of dormer and erection of extension to rear elevation, 9 Elm Drive ONCHAN

11/00864/B Erection of conservatory to rear elevation, 44 Lhon Vane Close ONCHAN

11/00883/B Single storey extension to rear elevation, 6 Lake Lane PEEL

11/00873/B Replace existing garage door with a window, 8 Oak Road Ballawattleworth PEEL

11/00861/B Installation of replacement windows, Beach Mount 5 Victoria Road PORT ST MARY

11/00879/B Construction of raised decking in rear garden, Riggside Cronk Road Port St. Mary Isle Of Man IM9 5AT PORT ST MARY

11/00885/B Erection of a summer house in rear garden, 3 Seamount Road RAMSEY

11/00888/C Change of use from retail to coffee shop/restaurant, 34 Parliament Street RAMSEY

In accordance with the aforementioned Orders and Regulations, the applicant, or his agent, for the above applications has been provided with a laminated Site Notice. This Notice must be affixed firmly to a building or structure or post on the land, the subject of the application, sited and displayed in such a way to be easily visible by members of the public for a period of not less than 21 days. The Applicant or their Agent has already been issued with the said Notice for placement.

The applications are available for inspection at the Planning Office or at the Local Authority relative to the proposal. Alternatively the application can be viewed and, should you wish to do so, comment submitted online by registering with the Isle of Man Government’s online services

Any persons wishing to make written representations to the Department in respect of these applications must ensure that such comment reaches the undersigned by close of business 28th July 2011.


Persons submitting written views should, where appropriate; clearly indicate the relationship between their land or buildings and the land that is the subject of the application and give details of their interest in the subject matter of the application.

Secretary to the Planning Committee,

Planning and Building Control Division,

Department of Infrastructure,

Murray House,

Mount Havelock,




All applicants, architects, and agents are reminded that applications MUST include the particulars set out in Schedule 1 to the Town and Country Planning (Development Procedure) Order 2005. Applications which do not include this information will be returned.

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