Planning applications, May 23, 2014

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The following applications have been submitted to the Department of Infrastructure for consideration.

14/00564/B Erection of a garden shed, 24 Larivane Meadows ANDREAS

14/00588/B Alterations and extension to existing spa and conference facilities (amendments to PA 13/00295/B), Brightlife Ballalheaney House Andreas Road ANDREAS

14/00589/B Installation of two additional roof lights to front elevation of dwelling, 1 Blackwood Cottages Ballamona Road BALLAUGH

14/00367/D Erection of illuminated signage, Old Chapel Main Road Union Mills (Re advertised due to amended plans received) BRADDAN

14/00427/B Installation of replacement windows and door to rear elevation, 13 Queens Terrace (Re advertised due to amended plans received) DOUGLAS

14/00561/B Alterations and erection of extension to premises, The Milestone Petrol Station Peel Road DOUGLAS

14/00562/B Alterations and single storey extension to rear elevation (amendment to PA 13/91021/B), 34 High View Road DOUGLAS

14/00563/C Change of use of managers accommodation to self-catering tourist accommodation, Glen Mona 6 Mona Drive DOUGLAS

14/00567/B Replace existing glazed conservatory roof with roof tiles, 9 Ballaughton Manor Hill DOUGLAS

14/00574/B Installation of replacement windows to ground floor bay windows, Flat 1 12 Derby Road DOUGLAS

14/00580/B Variation of condition one of approved PA 10/00370/B (erection of building providing commercial space with multi-storey parking above) in order to extend period of permission by four years, Former Site Of Greeba Works Market Street DOUGLAS

14/00581/B Creation of a primary school with associated parking, access and drop off areas, playing areas and sports pitches, along with highway works to form bus lay-bys and pedestrian crossing points and part demolition of former post graduate medical centre, Former Nobles Hospital Site Westmoreland Road DOUGLAS

14/00584/B Variation of condition one of approved PA 10/00464/B (erection of office building with potential use of lower floors as library) in order to extend period of permission by four years, Temporary Car Park Site Of Former Print Works / Offices Market Street DOUGLAS

14/00590/B Alterations and extension to dwelling, creation of additional off road parking space and widening of vehicular access, 12 Manor Drive DOUGLAS

14/00569/B Alterations to existing lean-to structure, Mona House Station Road St Johns GERMAN

14/00583/B Erection of a detached dwelling to replace existing dwelling, Cranford Cronk Y Voddy St Johns GERMAN

14/00570/B Erection of a replacement garage, NW Corner Of Field 214080 Ballamoar Sandygate JURBY

14/00573/B Erection of an external fire escape staircase and installation of roof lights to dwelling, Minorca Chapel Minorca Hill LAXEY

14/00575/B Replace existing glazed conservatory annex roof with roof tiles, 53 Ard Reayrt LAXEY

14/00568/B Erection of an extension to dwelling, 4 The Millrace Sulby LEZAYRE

14/00565/B Erection of a conservatory to dwelling, Rheayrt Saaie Douglas Road Ballasalla MALEW

14/00579/B Alterations to dwelling including creation of bay windows and replacement of a balcony, Walton House Bridge Road Ballasalla MALEW

14/00577/B Erection of a porch to dwelling, Cronk Ny Geayee Ballagorry Drive Glen Mona MAUGHOLD

14/00576/B Erection of agricultural building for multipurpose use, Rover Ritz Kennels Lhergy Vreck Cottage Baltic Road MICHAEL

14/00585/B Erection of an extension to dwelling, 27 Cleiy Rhennee MICHAEL

14/00586/B Rendering works and erection of an extension to dwelling, 12 Sunnybank Avenue ONCHAN

14/00572/B Removal of existing sod hedge at boundary and replacement with timber fence, 1 Fuchsia Road, Reayrt Ny Keylley & Part Garden Of 3 Lhoan Pibbin Vane Reayrt Ny Cronk PEEL

14/00571/B Erection of a garage extension and a porch to dwelling, 16 Grammah Avenue PORT ERIN

14/00582/B Relocation of nursery classroom unit, Rushen Primary School Church Road PORT ST MARY

14/00566/B Replace existing glazed conservatory roof with roof tiles, Glen Hazel Crescent Road RAMSEY

14/00587/B Removal of two chimney stacks, Elleray & Greenbank Bride Road RAMSEY

14/00582/B Relocation of nursery classroom unit, Rushen Primary School Church Road RUSHEN

14/00578/B Erection of a sludge treatment building facility, Meary Veg Sewage Treatment Works Balnahowe SANTON


In accordance with the aforementioned Orders and Regulations, the above applications have been validated for consideration. A laminated Site Notice has been sent to the applicant for displaying at the site. Copies of the applications are available for viewing at the Office of Planning and Building Control, via the appropriate Local Authority, or the detail can be viewed and commented on online by visiting the Isle of Man Government’s online services

Whilst criteria for the submission of comment may differ under each instrument of legislation, to give weight to any representation or submission, and to enable assessment of parties for interested person status (as defined in the 2013 Order) persons are encouraged to clearly indicate the relationship between their land or buildings and the land that is the subject of the application. They must express sufficient interest in the subject matter of the application if they wish to take part in any subsequent proceedings.

Please also be aware that any anonymous representations or submissions will not be considered as part of any planning determination.

Applications submitted under the 2005 Orders and Regulations will be determined in accordance with the processes and procedure defined by that legislation. Planning applications received under the Town & Country Planning (Development Procedure) (No 2) Order 2013 (after August 1st 2013) will be considered under this Order.

Any persons wishing to make written representation or submission must direct them to the Secretary to the Planning Committee, Planning and Building Control, Department of Infrastructure, Murray House, Mount Havelock, Douglas IM1 2SF, ensuring that such comment is submitted by 13th June 2014.

Please be aware that all written representations OR SUBMISSIONS will be available for PUBLIC scrutiny and will form part of any proceedings arising in connection with the application.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications made by the Department of Infrastructure or in which the Department is deemed to have a vested interest (below) are treated differently.

Planning Application 14/00581/B (DOUGLAS) referred to previously is an application by the Department of Infrastructure (DOI) or are in which the Department is deemed to have a vested interest. As such the application will not be determined by the DOI, but will, following a period of 21 DAYS be referred to the Council of Ministers. Persons may view the application and submit written representations or submissions to the DOI, Murray House ensuring that such comment is submitted by 13th June 2014. However, such representations or submissions will be conveyed by the DOI to the Cabinet Office, Government Office, Douglas who will thereafter manage the administration of the application on behalf of the Council of Ministers.

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