Arbory Castletown and Malew: Economics teacher tops the poll, Gawne loses seat

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Another newcomer topped the poll in the election in Arbory, Castletown and Malew.

Economics teacher Jason Moorhouse won, with Graham Cregeen coming second.

Graham Cregeen

Graham Cregeen

Government minister

Phil Gawne narrowly lost his seat in the House of Keys after a twice recounted votew.

Newcomer Jason Moorhouse topped the polls to become one of several new MHKs, but the big story was regarding who joined him.

Graham Cregeen appeared to have just edged Gawne by only eight votes but, such was the closeness of the result, that the latter promptly demanded a recount.

Phil Gawne

Phil Gawne

The second count edged Cregeen even further ahead by 11 votes but there was confusion surrounding discrepancies in 13 of the 33 ballot boxes.

Therefore another partial recount was ordered by returning officer Laurence Vaughan- Williams as the drama continued past midnight.

Eventually it was announced that Cregeen had increased his least further still and retained his seats by 19 votes, 991 to 972.

Speaking after the result was finally declared, a delighted Moorhouse said: ‘Really, really pleased - it’s a dream. It’s been a brilliant campaign and all of the other candidates have worked really hard.

‘It was really challenging going through the recounts because we were looking at a different situation and a different environment, meeting different people - I’ve learnt a lot.

‘The exit polls last time was the same so this time I was hoping it would be right, and luckily it was.’

Cregeen was equally pleased and also hopeful of a bright future for the island: ’It was a long slog. One of the things was, when the first count comes in them you think, well how will the second count go. You’re always thinking that it might swap round but, thankfully, it stayed the way it was.

‘There’s not a lot that you can do (during the recount), you’re just thinking the sooner this is done, the better. It’s been a long, hard day, it’s been a long, hard campaign. I think all the candidates have gotten on, there’s been no animosity and I think that’s a credit to everyone.

‘I think we are all very much aware that the Isle of Man needs to steer a way forward and I’m hopeful about where we can go. I’m hopeful that the economy can regrow, that we can actually deal with the issues that people have mentioned on the doorstep.

‘This administration really needs to bring all the members together - and all the public with us - because yes we’re going to have tough times ahead, but I think that if we all work together then we’ve got a really bright future.’

Graham Cregeen 991Steve Crowther 950

Phil Gawne 972

Richard McAleer 718

Jason Moorhouse 1,066

Carl Parker 890

Carol Quine 267

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