Ayre and Michael vote for Cannan and Baker

Alf Cannan

Alf Cannan

  • I’ll consider whether I should try to become chief minister says Cannan

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Alfred Cannan has been re-elected as an MHK and he’s joined by Tim Baker.

I’m obviously delighted to have been returned,’ said Mr Cannan.

‘It’s been a hard-fought campaign and there’s been a lot of issues raised by many people. We can’t go on with the status quo at the moment. People are clear that they want change.

‘I hope that my manifesto and my plan have convinced them that I am ready to play a key role in reform of Tynwald but also in terms of reform in the way the government delivers its plans, and the way that the budgets are delivered alongside that.

‘There are many, many challenges ahead. There’s a clear frustration amongst the people of the island at the way government has conducted itself over the last five years. That message has got to be taken up to the corridors of power in Tynwald. And we have to deliver real outcomes for people now - there can be no more excuses.

‘There is a high level of frustration, but I know if we can find the right people to work together with the right vision to deliver the right plan, we can succeed in getting us back on track with our finances and in the way that we manage and deal with the day-to-day running of the island.’

Asked whether he would put himself forward for the role of chief minister, he replied: ‘I will be giving that matter very serious consideration over the weekend.’

Tim Baker said: ‘It was a really nerve-wracking past couple of hours, but I’m absolutely delighted to have seen the faith placed in me by the people of Ayre and Michael.

‘I’m humbled by that and really determined to do a great job over the next five years.

‘There’s so much to be done, but I’m convinced that Alf and I working together can really deliver for this constituency and hopefully play a bigger role in the island as a whole.

‘My first job is to learn as quickly as possible. I’m a newcomer here, but I want to learn and get up to speed very, very quickly.

‘Obviously I’ve picked up a huge amount during this period but now it’s about consolidating that and sitting down with Alf and working out how we can best work together as a pairing, because we absolutely have to do that for the best interests of the constituency as a whole.

(Asked if he has a message for the people who voted for him, he replied: ‘Just thanks very much. I’m absolutely delighted and I won’t let you down.’

Ayre and Michael merged to create a two-seat constituency.

Pat Ayres 39

Tim Baker 1,571

Alfred Cannan 1,736

Alan Kermode 440

Carlos Philips 1331

Louise Whitelegg 563

Ayre’s old MHK, Eddie Teare, retired.

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