Douglas Central re-elects Chris Thomas

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Douglas Central has elected Chris Thomas and Ann Corlett as MHKs.

Douglas councillor Ann Corlett, daughter of former mayor Bill Corkish, said: ‘I am just so pleased. I am pleased people had the confidence in me to vote for me.

‘I just want to get on with it.

‘We need to get together initially and sort out where we are going.’

Chris Thomas said he was ‘delighted’ with the result.

‘We need to rebuild confidence in our parliament and balance very carefully the rebalancing of the economy.

‘The first 100 days of any government are vital. Last time, it took 16 months to have the last administration’s agenda for change.’

Asked if he harboured any ministerial ambitions, he said: ‘I am a policy politician. Policy matters and I will be looking to see amongst the other colleagues which policies are in line and who will work with the people to put together best programme for 2017-2021.’

In the light of changes to the procedure for electing the next chief minister, he also urged the Legislative Council not to go against the will of the House of Keys, which will vote first in public

John Shimmin decided to retire at the election but Chris Thomas is defending his seat

Kurt Buchholz 632Ann Corlett 1,090

Richard Falk 540

Sara Hackman 342

Michelle Inglis 95

Chris Thomas 1,517

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