Liberal Vannin’s Adrian Tinkler to stand as Rushen candidate

STANDING FOR RUSHEN: Adrian Tinkler in Ballafesson

STANDING FOR RUSHEN: Adrian Tinkler in Ballafesson

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ADRIAN Tinkler has announced he is standing in September’s election for MHK in Rushen.

He is standing as a Liberal Vannin Party candidate, and said a party system will give the government a coherent strategy, something that is lacking at present.

‘I stood as an independent candidate in the 2006 House of Keys election,’ said Mr Tinkler.

‘Subsequently I began to realise that one great weakness of the present political system was the absence of a coherent strategy for government that, in many respects, only a party system can provide.

‘The Liberal Vannin Party has a basic common sense philosophy for political change and reform that this island needs.

‘The stability a political party can provide, with stated policies, is surely an improvement on the current system where the political blueprint for each new Parliamentary term is defined by the personal preferences (and prejudices) of the chief minister, elected in-house.’

He believes that elected Party members in Tynwald can provide a credible opposition to government policy and the often criticised ‘block vote’ model.

Under the slogan ‘Keys to Change’ Mr Tinkler said he wants to pursue nine key points: reform and greater public accountability of Tynwald; a clearer process for identifying the strategic policies of ministers hoping to become chief minister; local authority reform giving them greater responsibility and devolving responsibility for service delivery away from central government; a sensitive approach to housing development and a sensitive approach to local authority housing allocation; adoption of a Freedom of Information Act; implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act; funding for regeneration schemes in Port Erin and Port St Mary; provision of sports and leisure facilities in the south; and the development of the Ballakilley site.

Mr Tinkler, 57, of Ballafesson, was born in Ireland where he lived and worked until moving to the island with his family in 1989 to take up a post as an accountant in the private sector. He is currently employed as a chartered secretary/compliance officer.

He is a director of the Manx Foundation for Physically Disabled, an active member of the Down Syndrome Isle of Man Group and has been a commissioner in Rushen Parish since 2001.

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