Martyn Perkins and Daphne Caine elected in Garff

Martyn Perkins

Martyn Perkins

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Businessman Martyn Perkins and civil servant Daphne Caine won the election in Garff.

Martyn Perkins: ‘Thank you all placing your trust in me and I am honoured at the responsibility of representing you all.

Daphne Caine

Daphne Caine

‘Thank you to the other candidates for a good, hard-fought, clean election. Putting our political differences aside any one could be standing here representing you. They all have the best interests at heart.and they are a decent group of poeple.

‘Thank you for the patience and meticulous counting of the votes and thank you to my wife and daughter. This is not for the feint hearted, especially with the size of the new constituencies. there are a number of new MHKs this time and we now need to concentrate on the priorities of the new government facing difficult times and serious challenges for the future.

Daphne Caine: ‘Thank you for waiting up. (result declared after 1am). and thank you to everyone who voted today.

‘I will work tirelessly for the people of Garff and the Isle of Man to build a positive future. I am delighted that so many women have been elected and can see a sea change in the Isle of Man and a change of culture in government. Thank you to my husband and to my amazing campaign manager and for the help, advice, support, uplifting comments and putting things in perspective. I am looking forward to the hard work and starting to built a positive future for the Isle of Man.’

Number of papers rejected through lack of an official mark: 2.

Number of papers unmarked or intention uncertain: 11.

Turn-out 49.8 per cent.

At 11.25pm Martyn Perkins was a clear winner with a close call between Daphne and Andrew Smith - the latter leading by 18 votes.

No official result was announced at this stage.

A recount was called for but before it was carried out, two further ballot boxes were found, unopened, contents uncounted. When those were counted Martyn Perkins remained in the lead but the positions were reversed with Mrs Caine 20 votes ahead of Andrew Smith. A recount was then carried out and the result stood, finally declared at just after 1am.

Andrew Barton 346

Daphne Caine 1,270

Nigel Dobson 231

Martyn Perkins 1,767

Andrew Smith 1,247

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