Middle re-elects Quayle but Shimmins tops the poll

Bill Shimmins

Bill Shimmins

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Businessman Bill Shimmins topped the poll in Middle.

Sitting member and Health and Social Care Minister Howard Quayle came second.

William Bowers 394

Paul Craine 1,090

Howard Quayle 1,205Bill Shimmins 1,357

‘I feel truly humbled and of course delighted,’ said top-of-the-poll candidate returned in Middle, Bill Shimmins.

He expressed his appreciation to the people of Middle who put their trust in him in what he described as a very very close contest with high quality candidates.

His thanks also extended to his friends and family, especially his wife Alison for their tremendous support during his campaign.

Asked what happens next Bill replied: ‘I am very much looking forward to working alongside Howard Quayle, rolling up my sleeves and getting down to business for the people of Middle.’

Howard Quayle, returned as the second candidate, stated that he was clearly delighted to be returned among very strong candidates in Middle . His 2 1/2 years as health minister has been a difficult job and he thanked the electorate for putting their trust in him for a second term. Mr Quayle also acknowledged the support he had from his family and his team of supporters.

Paul Craine in third place was naturally disappointed after such a hard campaign to only just miss out in the election.

He thanked the 1,090 people who voted for him and also thanked his team for their support. He wished Mr Shimmins and Mr Quayle ‘every success in taking on the significant challenges that lie ahead in the Keys and Tynwald’.

‘A well fought contest and an enjoyable experience,’ said William Bowers who was the last person to announce in Middle for his first election.

He passed on his congratulations to Mr Shimmins and Mr Quayle and wished Paul Craine all the best for the future.

Would he do it again?

He said: ‘It depends on the circumstances.’

He thanked all those who voted for him and supported his campaign.

Middle includes the parishes of Braddan, Marown and Santon. Santon was added when the political map was redrawn.

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