Road closure rumpus

Derby Road in Peel

Derby Road in Peel

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Derby Road in Peel has been closed this week for resurfacing, a move which angered Peel commissioners and residents.

The road runs past Shoprite, Peel Clothworkers’ School, the swimming pool and campsite with work scheduled to be completed today (Friday).

Derby Road in Peel outside Peel Clothworkers School

Derby Road in Peel outside Peel Clothworkers School

At the latest Peel Commissioners meeting, town clerk, Peter Leadley said: ‘We have received a lot of complaints from residents about this.’

Commissioner Kate Felton said: ‘What possessed them to do this during Manx Grand Prix week?’

Commissioner Alan Jones said: ‘They should have consulted with us.’

The board then agreed that they would write a letter to the Department of Infrastructure requesting that they be informed of future upcoming major roadworks in Peel.

The work was originally scheduled to go on from August 18 until August 31.

A statement from the Department of Infrastructure said: ‘Derby Road will be closed from its junction with Derby Drive to Ballaquane Road from 9.15am until 8pm daily, commencing August 18.

‘In order to maintain access to Kerroo Coar, Peel Clothworkers’ School and Western Swimming Pool and campsite, the job will be split into three sections:

‘Section One – Shoprite entrance through to halfway across Kerroo Coar, both carriageways.

‘Section Two – Continue from Kerroo Coar through to halfway across the entrance to Swimming Pool/Campsite.

‘Section Three – Swimming Pool and Campsite through to just before the roundabout.

‘The August 31 date was a contingency in case additional time was needed in the event of poor weather or delays in the work programme.

‘However, we do not intend to use the second week in order to avoid a clash with the Festival of Motorcycling.’

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