Road closures

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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 03, 2008 21:05: CK, all you seem to be able to do is personally attack anyone who doesn't think the same as you. I don't remember having a go at you so please can you not throw abuse at me as I am entitled to my view like everyone else! I just think they are more important things in the world than a bit of inconvenience once in a while. We seem to convienently forget ALL the times the Mountain is closed out of TT and MGP fortnight, which seems to be a regular occurance. Or the road being shut for 6 weeks for the new roundabout to be built, or Saddleback road when it was closed for weeks for the new road layout to be done or ALL the other road closures caused by road works/serious accidents etc etc, we seem to get throughout the year that cause traffic chaos. Or the fact that it takes nearly 30 to 35 minutes just to get from Chesterfield Carpark to the traffic lights near the Shell Garage very night at 5pm because of the volumn of traffic. But as soon as it's closed because of the racing, well that's a different matter. A small handful of people just can't resist moaning of how inconvienient it is. Bet they wouldn't moan if the road closures were connected to football! And finally, I totally agree with Homme Des Vallees, what a dispicable attitude some of us have to people who choose to visit our island whether they be tourists or racers. Luckily the people the Uk and Ireland and all the other places visitors to our island come from don't treat us with the same DISRESPECT that some of us show them. And finally, I don't give a stuff what people think to me saying this but I totally agree when people say 'if you don't like it, go somewhere else to live!' because that is my answer too.


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