Rocket man’s work at Fenella

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A ROCKET made by a Peel man has been making its way around the town.

Matt Owen, 40, of Athol Street made the rocket as part of his fine art course, for which he has been studying for the last three years at the Isle of Man College in Douglas.

The dad of three has spent two years working on his project and the exterior of the rocket took seven weeks to build.

After doing some work for the Isle of Man Adoption Society, for whom he produced a sculpture, Matt had to look at people’s life journeys, so the rocket is a reflection of that work.

The metaphor of the project was life’s journeys. Matt plans on taking the 25-foot rocket around the island – so far it has been displayed at St German’s Cathedral and at Fenella Beach in Peel.

The rocket has had a positive response from members of the public. Matt stated that as well as the children loving it, older people think it is a ‘magical’ kind of thing.

Talking about the public’s response, he said: ‘It has been very good and very positive. We have taken the rocket around the island and we are planning on taking it on little jaunts, which are secret.’

Inside the rocket there is space for one person, and inside is a sculptured journey of Matt’s last two years in college. Matt wished to thank MFBP builders merchants in Douglas, who sponsored the materials that were used to make the rocket.

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