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Monday, March 4


(March 21 - April 20)

With the start of this new week, you are ready to get moving and shaking. Share hopes and plans with those who can help progress. A somewhat sluggish feeling shuffles around until midweek. After that, energy builds. Make some basic changes with your diet to bring an ideal weight closer. The emphasis, though, is on looking to the future and making a fresh start.


(April 21 - May 21)

This is a week in which you need to fully embrace the word ‘flexibility’. There are changes that seem unnecessary but go with the flow to avoid stress. You see that everything, eventually, has a purpose. A recent romantic meeting seems to have sown the seeds of a long-term friendship, if not a grand passion. Well, you can never have too many friends!


(May 22 - June 21)

Finely tuning your life is necessary now. The things that are holding you back will change with time but you can help them on their way. Be prepared to embrace new ideas and consider proposals. To get what you want in any area, be willing to negotiate. Flexibility is essential. Keep talking to a loved one and use your charm and persuasive nature.


(June 22 - July 23)

A lighter week takes a while to get accustomed to after recent events. Still, you have learnt how to bend with circumstances and survive. Of course you want to do more than just get by. Chances to get ahead will come soon. Be ready by tying up loose ends and organising finances. It may be necessary to turn on the charm at home to defuse an emotional situation.


(July 24 - August 23)

Are you feeling in a better mood? There is an air of anticipation that is hard to ignore and even harder to explain. Let your mind rush ahead in plotting and planning. Give thought, however, to any health issues. Just because you are busy, there is no need to burn yourself out! If a lovely warm glow reaches you at the weekend, ask yourself who or what caused it. Hold that thought!


(August 24 - September 23)

Is someone being pushy this week? Maybe they need to back off and sort themselves out first! Carry on with what you know is right for you and yours. A plan at work may have faults that are easy for you to see. Speak up but be prepared to be discreet. Finances could be holding you back but, if you remain determined, time will find a lasting solution.


(September 24 - October 23)

This is a week to be instinctive and show your feelings. Your usually calm exterior could change if you don’t take control. Somehow your natural sense of justice will show what is right or wrong for you. Thoughts may be sharp but can be tempered with your natural charm. Refuse to be pushed around to suit others but in the ‘nicest possible way’!


(October 24 - November 22)

A happy spring is around the corner. That’s the good news. Right here in this week, however, you need the patience of a saint at times. With Mercury the Messenger retrograde, communications can be awkward or misunderstood. This will ease mid-month. Use your energy to plan ahead and be ready when the atmosphere changes, which it soon will.


(November 23 - December 21)

Slow down a bit and smell the roses. Not the time for roses? Well, how about some rosemary? Look for the things that relax and satisfy you and be prepared to enjoy them. Rushing around is not always necessary. There are others that need some of your valued attention. Look after your health and wellbeing. Without it, you won’t go far.


(December 22 - January 20)

Get down to that problem-solving you love so much. Whatever or whoever challenges you this week, there is a way ahead. Indeed, seeing how well you are doing in this area, others may want your advice! Not sure where you are going next? Think about what will really satisfy you and what you want to be doing in five years’ time. Is that clearer?


(January 21 - February 19)

Something that you thought was sorted out comes up again. Now you have the chance to make an even better decision or contribution. It is an exciting and unexpected week in many ways. It does seem that in helping others, you have pleased yourself too. A new scheme needs thought and be sure that others manage to pull their weight this time!


(February 20 - March 20)

Make lists when you get those bright thoughts. Don’t wait until they evaporate into the everyday fog. Work through your lists this week and you will be surprised how well you do. Recently a bit of confidence has slipped away. The weather certainly doesn’t help. Try to look on the sunny side and this weekend reach out to make new friends. Get active and be optimistic.

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