Tight squeeze for bendy bus

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A MERCEDES bendy bus received one of the sternest tests of its month-long trial on Manx roads when it negotiated the antiquated and compact streets of Castletown.

In particular, the 60-foot-long vehicle gingerly tackled the narrow bend between the Glue Pot (Castle Arms) pub and the medieval outer wall of Castle Rushen.

One of two which arrived last week for suitability trials by the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure, the articulated passenger bus passed over the harbour bridge and through the ancient capital of Mann without incident, though there was very little margin for error on Castle Street.

The raised front of the vehicle swept over the pavement in front of the police station as the bus crept toward the town square.

Infrastructure Minister David Cretney MHK has voiced the opinion of his department that bendy buses are unsuitable for Manx roads, though the DCCL believes their introduction could lead to savings in staffing, maintenance and fuel efficiency compared to double deckers, as well as a larger passenger capacity.

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