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A fleet of electric bicycles is set to hit the island after new legislation gave the go-ahead to more powerful bikes.

Richard Cuthbert, of Union Mills, is launching a rental and sales business, as well as guided tours, using Pedego electric bikes.

The Department of Infrastructure has granted a resolution to allow more powerful bikes on the island, bringing it into line with the rest of Europe.

The Road Traffic Act regulations amended the battery limit from 200 to 250 watts, which is what Pedego bikes have, and saw the speed limit change from 15 to 15.5mph.

Richard and his partner, Shirley Townsend, applied in December last year and secured the amendment on January 21.

He said: ‘The government is always looking for ways to lower the carbon footprint of the island and for new leisure activities that can improve tourism – and electric bikes fit both moulds.’

Richard says that he is saving £1,400 per year on fuel and parking fees and actually gets to work quicker by using his Pedego bike to commute five miles each day from Union Mills to Douglas.

‘One of the greatest pleasures is seeing people ride these bikes for the first time. The joy and surprise at just how good they are never fails to bring a smile.’

David Cretney, Infrastructure Minister at the time of the amendment, said: ‘I’m particularly pleased to welcome this new, environmentally friendly business venture.’

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