Would a new boxing club and a free outdoor library help to regenerate town?

Kate Felton

Kate Felton

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A Peel commissioner hopes to revive the Chamber of Trade and Commerce and is calling for more businesses to get involved.

Among the ideas discussed at their latest meeting were a new boxing club and gym, an open air library, a farmers’ market and a Christmas market.

Peel commissioner Kate Felton said of the latest meeting: ‘Sadly the meeting in July was very poorly attended with only five businesses being represented.

‘While I appreciate people are very busy and have a business to run, I would really appreciate input from traders.

‘At the latest meeting we discussed things like next year’s Peel Day, the re-introduction of a farmers’ market, a Christmas market, an outdoor free library and a new gym or boxing club.’

The next Chamber of Trade and Commerce meeting will be held next Tuesday (September 2) at Peel Town Hall at 2pm and Ms Felton hopes for a better turn-out.

‘In July we had representatives from Filbey’s Bistro, the Quayside Chip Shop, Shoprite, Top2Toe and Green’s Jewellers but if anyone else could send representatives that would be great,’ said Ms Felton.

‘We had some great ideas come from the meeting, people are enthusiastic and keen to do things but it would be nice if more representatives from Peel businesses could attend.

‘We’re also considering holding fundraising nights at the Masonic Hall.

‘Even if you can’t come to the meetings I would love to hear from people with ideas as to how we can attract visitors to Peel to shop here, dine here and boost the economy.

‘You can email me, phone me, speak to me when I’m in your shop or restaurant, or just stop me in the street.

‘My aim is to revive the Chamber of Trade and Commerce so that all businesses in Peel benefit.

‘We’re currently working on a initiative to re-establish a gym or boxing club in Peel in an effort to keep the youth off the streets and maybe help them get rid of their aggression or excess energy in a disciplined way and give them an alternative to drinking and getting up to mischief around the streets of Peel.

‘The location for the club has yet to be confirmed but we do have some places in mind that we’ve been looking into.

‘One location is where the old boxing club run by Jackie Dillon used to be which is above a music studio off Mill Road down past Mac’s builders yard and the commissioners’ workshops.

‘Another location which has been suggested is behind Busy Bears Nursery but I am still pursuing that; I haven’t yet spoken to the gentleman who owns the building.

‘A third location could be next to Western Swimming Pool. I know Kath Andrews (the pool manager) is keen to establish a gym there and if we could combine that with a boxing club, that would be great.

‘I have spoken to quite a few young people and there is a lot of interest in both a gym and boxing club.

‘Something else we’ve been working on is a free outdoor library, possibly outside the Ward Library or on the promenade where people could leave and take books.

‘We’ve been working on this idea with the librarian Gemma Quilliam.

‘We were thinking of using old phone boxes, post boxes or bookcases to house the books.

‘It’s only the early stages yet but these are the sort of ideas we are looking for.’

If you would like to contact Ms Felton you can call her on 254976 or email kathleenmaryfelton@gmail.com

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