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A CYCLING journal, entitled Inside-Out, looks at Sharp’s 2012 season through the words of ex-pro, Tom Southam, and leading photographer, Camille McMillan.

It follows the experiences of young riders getting their first taste of professional cycling, as well as two of the biggest names in the sport, David Millar and Kristian House, on the grandest stage of all, the Tour de France.

From a local perspective, the spotlight is on Tim Kennaugh who sadly had to cut short his professional career because of illness.

The uniquely designed and presented 174-page A5 book-format publication is largely focussed on Sharp Electronics Europe sponsored pro-teams Garmin Sharp and Rapha Condor Sharp (the latter which Tim joined at the end of 2011).

The forward is penned by David Millar in which he reflects on how he started off in the sport and how it has become such an intrinsic part of his life. ‘My life is that of a cyclist; it is who I am. When I was young I was on the outside wanting to get in. Before I knew it I was deep inside and wanting to get out. Now I get to do both, I’m a lucky man.’

There are special features on The Ras and National Road Race Championships, climaxing with the Tour of Britain.

The substantial feature on Timmy Kennaugh is alongside similar ‘chapters’ on three other young charges in the 2011 Rapha Condor Sharp team - Oliver Rossi, Felix English and Oliver Mellor.

It sums Tim up pretty well: ‘Tim likes to talk, but it isn’t only talking, it is singing, joking, laughing and general noise that he seems to specialise in.

‘He has strong, if occasionally outspoken opinions in any subject under the sun, and he talks and debates at such pace that he often changes his ideas over the course of a few hours.’

Yes, that’s Tim.

The author continues: ‘At first, being in the presence of Tim feels like being assaulted by an overly cocky teenager. But there is something in the noise that coming from the young Manxman that is quite compelling.’

It explains why he didn’t get on with life in the Olympic Academy and how he got off on the wrong foot with Max Sciandri (who was at that point training the young GB Academy riders in Italy).

Tim talks candidly about his health issues that ultimately brought about the end of a promising career. But he also praises Rapha Condor Sharp team boss John Herety for having enough faith in him to offer him a ride when he was pretty down and out after a bad spell in Italy.

He also reveals how he’d like to be a lead singer in a band.

The article is certainly an interesting read.

There’s a couple of pictures of Mark Cavendish in the book, including one of his last ride in the world champion’s rainbow jersey.

You can purchase the book here - http://www.sharpdirect.co.uk/invt/l80shpcyclebk for £10.

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