Bassy new Ellan Vannin manager

Chris Bass Sr

Chris Bass Sr

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The newly renamed Manx International Football Alliance (MIFA) has appointed St George’s Chris Bass Sr to manage its representative side Ellan Vannin.

Upon its foundation in October, MIFA stated it had been set up in an attempt to offer footballers in the island exposure to a higher standard of competition. As such, one of its main aims is to send a side to the Confederation of Independent Football Association’s World Football Cup in Sweden this June.

This looked unlikely with the Isle of Man FA threatening sanctions against those involved with the new organisation, however, in recent weeks negotiations between the two parties have taken place and an agreement between the two looks imminent.

Bass Sr said: ‘I feel really honoured to be given the opportunity to manage the first truly Manx team.’

MIFA changed its name this week from the Manx Independent Football Association stating on its Facebook page: ‘The reason behind doing this was that a dormant business name, Independent Manx Football Association, was recently resurrected and also we felt that as we are working with the IoMFA not against them the word Alliance was more fitting. Also bringing in the word international again removes doubt over our intentions and demonstrates that all we are about is providing additional opportunities for Manx Players on the international stage.’

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