Football results: Saturday, November 12

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St George’s go clear at the top of Premier League after 5-2 win over title rivals DHSOB

Saturday, November 12

Canada Life Premier League

Castletown 1-3 St Mary’s

RYCOB 4-1 Ayre

St George’s 5-2 DHSOB

Peel 0-4 Rushen

Gymns P-P Corinthians

St John’s P-P Laxey

JCK Division Two

Douglas Royal 1-2 Marown

Braddan 7-4 Douglas and District

Malew 1-5 Colby

Foxdale P-P Ronaldsway

Michael 1-7 Union Mills

Pulrose 2-1 Police

Canada Life Combination One

DHSOB P-P Castletown

Ayre 2-2 RYCOB

Rushen 3-0 Peel

Corinthians 5-0 Gymns

Laxey 3-7 St John’s

JCK Combination Two

Marown 4-1 Douglas Royal

Douglas and District 3-2 Braddan

Colby P-P Malew

Ronaldsway 1-2 Foxdale

Union Mills P-P Michael

Police P-P Pulrose

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