Manx Football Blog 11: Now then, now then, now then...

Former Laxey 14-16 star Mark Cavendish with the late great Sir Jimmy Savile PHOTO: Richard Allen

Former Laxey 14-16 star Mark Cavendish with the late great Sir Jimmy Savile PHOTO: Richard Allen

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Sir Jimmy Savile and St George’s v DHSOB...

ONE of the broadcasting greats of our time was laid to rest at a 45 degree angle in Scarborough this week, a man that did more for letter writing and shell suit wearing than arguably any other in history.

I am of course talking about Sir Jimmy Savile who sadly passed away at the end of last month just days before his 85th birthday.

Although he never ‘fixed’ it for me personally, probably something to with the fact I never actually got round to asking him for John Motson sheepskin coat, but he did fix it for countless others highlighting the dangers of eating and drinking on a rollercoaster and dishing out several tons of faux metal medallions along the way.

If Sir Jimmy was still with us I’m sure DHSOB manager Colin Purvis and St George’s counter-part Chris Bass Sr would be writing to him asking if he could fix for them to land the three points on offer in Saturday’s big match at Glencrutchery Road. I’m also sure Sir Jimmy’s sense of fair play and the IoMFA’s rule book would have meant the pair’s requests would have gone unanswered, but it does give me a lovely pathway into the next part of this week’s blog.


Goodness Gracious

‘Could this weekend prove a pivotal one in the race for the Canada Life Premier League?’

That’s the question the MFB is posing to the great unwashed of the Manx football community this week.

I of course hint at the aforementioned top two’s rearranged match at Glencrutchery Road.

Although there is still along way to go, victory would put Geordies four points clear of their rivals with a game in hand. If they win the latter, seven points would be a large margin to claw back even with just under half the campaign left to play.

However, if Old Boys garner the points it would put them back top of the pile and throw the title race wide open again giving them a massive psychological boost in the process.

Laxey and even St Mary’s will also feel they could yet have a say in where the Premier League trophy ends up in May, but I’ve got a feeling come the term’s end this match could be referred to when recounting where the championship was won and lost.


How’s about that then?

Last week the blog included an appeal for any with footballing milestones to email them in for a mention. Well Douglas Royal’s combination side’s midfield maestro Adam Parker answered the call to arms with this sensational stat about Royal goalkeeper Ian Took.

The Scottish custodian has saved five penalties for the Ballafletcher outfit’s second string a record made all the more impressive as he didn’t have video footage of the takers’ previous efforts on a strategically placed iPod.

As a fellow shot-stopper I must take my hat off to the Tookster, but I would raise questions of his team-mates’ tackling in the box!


Right that’s it for this week’s blog. They’ll be Tweets from Saturday’s really big match, the northern derby between RYCOB and Ayre, plus the little matter of St George’s v DHSOB.

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RIP Sir Jim

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