St John’s United end Bermuda bid

GAMES BID WITHDRAWN: St John's have ended their bid for a spot at this summer's Island Games

GAMES BID WITHDRAWN: St John's have ended their bid for a spot at this summer's Island Games

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Football club decide against pursuing entry in July Games

ST JOHN’S United have withdrawn their bid to go to this summer’s NatWest Island Games in Bermuda.

The ambitious western club had offered to take the place of the island side at the July Games when it became clear that the IoMFA would not be sending a team to the North Atlantic island because of the high cost involved.

Despite getting initial approval from the FA to do so United have decided against pursuing an entry after a meeting last week with the Island Games Association of Mann. A joint statement released by the FA and the club states:

‘A meeting was held on February 21 regarding the wish of St John’s United FC to participate in the 2013 Island Games, which was attended by officials of the Isle of Man Football Association (IoMFA), representatives of St

John’s United and members of the Island Games Association of Mann (IGAM).

‘At the meeting, IGAM advised that an entry for the football event in the Island Games could only be accepted from the IoMFA, as the IGAM member, with only the sports’ governing bodies making up IGAM membership.

Therefore, the football team would be regarded as representing the IoMFA. It was noted that at the IoMFA Council meeting held on February 12, the support in principle for the Club to seek to enter the Games was conditional upon them not being regarded as the island ‘Representative’ side and also would need to reflect the decision reaffirmed by Council at the meeting not to enter a ‘Representative’ side in the 2013 Games.

‘It was clear, therefore, that the club’s application could not progress unless such conditions were removed. Whilst officials of the IoMFA were prepared to refer the matter back to Council, the club has taken the decision not to pursue their entry application on the basis that they have always stated that they would only participate if representing the Island Games team and the Isle of Man as opposed to representing the IoMFA.

‘They recognise and appreciate that the IoMFA has taken the decision not to send an official representative side. Although St John’s United are obviously disappointed that they cannot represent the Isle of Man, they appreciate the support that has been given to this proposal by the general public on the island and confirm that the club will continue with its intentions of providing off-island competition for its members in the future.’

More in Thursday’s Manx Independent.

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