Hockey results: Saturday, October 17

Saturday's hockey results

Saturday's hockey results

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Bacchas A maintained their unbeaten start to the PwC Mixed Premier Division season on Saturday with a 7-1 victory over LJ Ramsey A.

Results: Saturday, October 17

PwC Mixed Premier Division

Celts 0-5 Crowe Morgan Valkyrs A

LJ Ramsey A 1-7 Bacchas A

Canaccord Genuity Vikings A 1-1 Bacchas B

PwC Mixed Division One

Bacchas C 3-0 Crowe Morgan Valkyrs C

Harlequins A 1-0 Canaccord Genuity Vikings B 0

Crowe Morgan Valkyrs B 8-3 Saracens Sabres

PwC Mixed Division Two

LJ Ravens 4-0 LJ Rookies

Canaccord Genuity Vikings C 1-3 Harlequins Colts

PwC Mixed Division Three

Harlequins B 1-6 Bacchas D

Crowe Morgan Valkyrs D 3-2 Southerners

Canaccord Genuity Vikings D 6-0 Saracens Sharks

PwC Mixed Under-16s’ League

Bacchas 1-6 Canaccord Genuity Vikings

Saracens 0-8 Harlequins

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