Manx Hockey Blog 7: Let’s All Do The Conga-Lton

EYES ON THE PRIZE: Pasty and Thad took delivery of some new blog prizes this week

EYES ON THE PRIZE: Pasty and Thad took delivery of some new blog prizes this week

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Pasty and Thad give Bacchas a well-deserved pat on the back

THAT is possibly the worst headline we’ve ever used in the blog, but we’ve spent several seconds trying to think of puns on ‘Congleton’ and ‘Cheshire’ and have failed entirely.

A big ‘well-played’ to the Bacchas lads for a solid performance last Sunday against North Division Two opposition South Cheshire last Sunday.

Two goals, and the lead for the part of the match, and leaving with a 4-2 defeat is not too shabby against opposition who’ve won five out of six matches in the division this season, including a 9-0 and 6-1 along the way.
There’s not even a punchline to this story, just a genuine well done.

Andy Whiting was absent for the match - we understand he was rebuilding a wall up near Ramsey or something (is it too soon?!!) - and at one point Karl Moore was seriously considering playing Phoenix. We at the blog aren’t the type to criticise Karl’s selection processes, but we recommend that, in the style of most American sports movies, Phoenix might have heroically and single handedly scored three goals in the last three minutes. On the other hand, the choice of ‘a red setter which happened to be walking past’ to play centre-midfield under the name of Andy Kneale’ in preference to the man himself was also noted as quite inspired. 
This weekend, the Vikings ladies get the chance to weave some international magic (metaphors are always best mixed) and travel away to Deeside Ramblers in Tarporley. Currently sitting in fourth in North League One, this is going to be a pretty tough test for them. Best of luck all.



Many thanks for some brilliant look-a-like contributions, many of which came straight from Pasty’s workmates. Is a ‘prolific’ Castletown female striker looking for her Doctor? Was that a Saracens midfielder or a double world F1 champion? Who is the Vikings and West Ham goalkeeper? Stay tuned to the Facebook page for the answers to these questions and many more!

Keep the contributions coming in, there are some classics in there already but there must be some more of your teammates who you think resemble your favourite celebrities? Is there a Justin Bieber up in Ramsey?


One of our favourite blog personalities/victims, Sophie Russell-Crowe leaves the island next week, under a cloud (well, accordingly to the weather forecast anyway). Our regular readers will both remember that last year we ran a competition to find Sophie a double-barred surname in order for her to achieve the poshness she’s always desired. Well, we understand that the casting agency for Made In Chelsea has shown an interest in our dear Sophie. Admittedly, by interest, we mean their lawyers showed enough interest to issue a ‘cease and desist’ order in respect of her continual application forms, but it hasn’t stopped Sophie from committing to spend the next few years trying to get her ‘rightful place on the show’.
Additionally, Sophie has always proclaimed that she has mostly been inspired in her life by Victoria Beckham and in the event that she was to have a child, it will need to be named after the locality of it’s birth. Having given it long consideration, she determined that neither Cronk-y-Voddy Crowe nor Baldrine Crowe were suitable names. Sophie has always desired a child called Kensington.
We have no idea where we’re going with this. It’s probably time to stop. Good luck, Sophie, we’ll miss you. We’ll have to find a new celebrity.


Exciting times at Blog HQ this week as a large parcel full of prizes (see picture above!) turned up on the doorstep. These will be given out to victims who have provided an...erm...worthy contribution to the week’s blog, and we will also be donating these excellent handmade treats to anyone who has the ability to defeat both Pasty and Thad in the predictions for the week. We have two headbands waiting for Mr Whiting and Giggsy which will be distributed this week and I’m sure worn with pride by the recipients both on and off the pitch!

Rumours of an end-of-season game between those with headband hopefully shouldn’t be too far off the mark, a one-off match for the pride of the blog. We might even splash out for a trophy, stranger things have happened in Manx hockey (Lindsay Riordan scored two goals last season). Plus it would be nice to give Giggsy the chance to win some silverware.



Ahead of the crunch Valkyrs A vs Bacchas A game this weekend, did you know that a group of cats is called a ‘clowder’.



From the highs of the previous week it was back down to earth with a bump this week, with shocks on the cards all over the leagues. Kneeno ‘did a Poyzer’ limping in with just five points out of 12 games, just one point behind Thad.

Pasty came out on top though with an impressive two correct scorelines gaining him a slightly less impressive nine points for the week.

This week we have our first gold clad predictor, with fixtures mastermind Paul Gould being the first Harlequin to forecast the scores this season. Helen Cave threw down the Harlequins shaped gauntlet last season with nine points from 19 games, which means Paul needs to gain just six points from the 11 games this week to be Quins golden boy.

Hopefully, if Pasty and Thad beat Paul in the predictions and deprive him of a sought after headband he will not move all our remaining games this season to 11.05am in Jurby - good luck Paul!

Have a good ‘un!

Pasty and Thad



Ramsey A  2 v 3 Castletown Celts

Bacchas A 2 v 2 Valkyrs A

Div One

Bacchas Colts 3 v 1  Vikings C

Saracens Sabres 2 v 3 Harlequins A

Valkyrs C 2 v 1  Castletown Cammags

Bacchas C 3 v 1 Castletown Cushags Colts

Div Two

Harlequins B  1 v 1  Vikings D

Ramsey Rookies 4 v 2  Castletown Southerners

Saracens Sharks 0 v 2  Bacchas D

Castletown Cosney 0 v 4  Ramsey Ravens


Ramsey Rascals 1 v 2  Castletown



Ramsey A  3 v 2 Castletown Celts

Bacchas A 3 v 1 Valkyrs A

Div One

Bacchas Colts 3 v 0  Vikings C

Saracens Sabres 4 v 2 Harlequins A

Valkyrs C 2 v 2  Castletown Cammags

Bacchas C 3 v 1 Castletown Cushags Colts

Div Two

Harlequins B  3 v 1  Vikings D

Ramsey Rookies 4 v 0  Southerners

Saracens Sharks 1 v 3  Bacchas D

Castletown Cosney 1 v 5  Ramsey Ravens


Ramsey Rascals 2 v 3 Castletown



Ramsey A  1 v 4 Castletown Celts

Bacchas A 4 v 2 Valkyrs A

Div One

Bacchas Colts 2 v 1  Vikings C

Saracens Sabres 5 v 2 Harlequins A

Valkyrs C 2 v 3  Castletown Cammags

Bacchas C 4 v 1 Castletown Cushags Colts

Div Two

Harlequins B  3 v 5  Vikings D

Ramsey Rookies 2 v 3  Southerners

Saracens Sharks 0 v 5  Bacchas D

Castletown Cosney 2 v 2  Ramsey Ravens


Ramsey Rascals 1 v 3 Castletown

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