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Elmo and Big Bird drop by to help out The Fat Cat

Sesame Street

Last week’s hockey was brought to you by the number ‘1’ and the letter ‘W’ - thanks to Big Bird, Aloysius Snuffeupagus and Elmo for their good work on this show!

The stars must have been in alignment as Lois Watterson, Claire Walker and Iain Wrigley all scored and amazingly all their goals were converted from open play.

I know some people will find it hard to believe that Wrigs scored, not via a penalty corner or stroke, but open play. Claire Walker even claims her goal was a fabulous reverse stick finish and Lois says hers was a thunderous strike too.

Now two of these events I could accept but one of them does not ring true, it has the slight aroma of a cattle by-product. I will not say who I think is telling a whopper, but all I can confirm is their surname begins with the letter ‘W’ and also has the letter ‘e’ in it too. No more clues.


Vikings have asked me to thank everyone who supported them last Sunday at the car wash as they had a steady stream of customers. Unfortunately for the odd ones who didn’t come along to the fundraiser at the Grandstand, your car will give you away, I’m sure Hayley Crowe will accept your late generous donation to the ‘travelling fund’.

My nemesis is destroyed

I will not mention his name but well done to Dave Clark-Wilson, Mark Bratt, Dale Williams, Danielle Lomas, Andrew Winstanley and Sarah and John Halligan. You guys know what you did and to bring this person to his knees. Not only I but the hockey fraternity thank you for your part in his downfall.

Guess Who?

Last week’s Guess Who proved a bit of a tough nut to crack and as yet we have no correct answers, so I’ll leave it open for another week. With it being half-term last week, those pesky kittens went crazy again with their crayons. Can you tell who this pirate is? If so send your guess to and win a prize that money cannot buy.


It has been suggested that each club send in a introductary guide to their club, giving the lowdown on the colourful characters within and any general information that may attract new members to the sport. So who’s going to be first?


Unfortunately last week everyone had their shooting boots on and no calls were made to Fat Cat Cabs, so the kittens will have to do without their cream this week. Should someone deserve a ride in the big black cab this weekend, please email me with the details and your team-mate could earn a prize that money cannot buy.

Talking of the t-shirts, they must be highly treasured prizes as, apart from David Quayle, I’ve yet to see anyone out and about proudly wearing one. So come on, wear your taxi shirt with pride, not everyone has one you know!

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