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FAT Cat Cabs are back in business thanks to Saracens Hockey Club, who made good use of the service on offer with three players climbing on board.

The taxi had to collect the players from Castle Rushen from their fixture against Bacchas C - Steve ‘Scuba’ Jackson, John Halligan and Carly Craine. The pick of the bunch was the glaring miss by Carly, not that Steve’s or John’s don’t deserve their spot in the black cab, but hers was the easiest to apply the killer blow to!

It was a game where Bacchas finally showed their true class in the closing stages and threatened to take at least a point, if not both, from the fixture. Saracens must have been regretting the glaring misses of these three players and the half chances that fell the way of other players who managed to get them on target but failed to find the back of the net.

Now when you play the Sabres all teams know that you have to nullify the attacking runs of Steve Cottier. If you manage to do this, then the chances of the Sabres being defeated are increased. But, on the odd occassion Steve has been known to pass the ball to his team-mates, which is the reason that these three players are paying the taxi fare.

Steve was on one of his dazzling runs, skipping past players on a direct route towards the Bacchas goal. But, like Custer at the ‘Battle of Little Big Horn,, you know the odds are against you and the result is beyond doubt, that is when Steve will pass the ball.

Glancing up he noticed that Carly was in open space unmarked, with what would be the simplest of finishes. Either we can say Mr Cottier misplaced his pin-point pass, or Carly made a schoolgirl error. I believe the wise money would be on the latter, as a swing and miss by Carly meant she didn’t add to her tally of goals in the game – TAXI for Craine!

Simple as ABC

Last week I mentioned that Claire Walker, Lois Watterson and Iain Wrigley all scored marvelous goals, though one had the aroma of the farmyard about it. The only clue I give was their name contained the letters ‘W’ and ‘E’.

Not to belittle one of the goal scorers’ intelligence but two of them were quick to point out it was not them who had that special fragrance.

Unfortunately one of the naysayers involved was quick to point the finger of suspicion at the other. When they confronted the whistle blower, that person stated: ‘Well, it’s survival of the fittest, and Iain’s name does not contain any of those letters.!’

DOH...maybe that person should get back to watching Sesame Street!

Guess Who?

Well done to the persistent Iain Wrigley, who managed to spot Manx Radio’s very own Tim Glover hiding in the baby disguise and also to Julie Watterson who pipped Martin Collard to naming last week’s pirate as Gary Merrill.

This week, who’s been made out to be a Mexican bandit, he don’t need no stinking badges!

Send your guess to the usual email address, and be in with a chance to win a prize that money cannot buy!

Share the joke!

As always if you know of any amusing events that have to shared with the hockey family in general, then send me the details and lets make the island smile!

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