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A WEEK in the life of Rachel Overman

It’s been a mixed week to be Rachel Overman. Having recruited the (atleast part time) island women’s keeper from Quins back in the summer, Bacchas watched Overman play in nets for approximately half a season and then decided to give her a test at the other end of the field last weekend.

Words that might have been used to describe Rachel’s performance can be found by looking up the word ‘spectacular’ in your thesaurus.

After a few minutes had passed, her glorious moment arrived and time slowed down, probably just to give her a chance. On a stormy afternoon, the clouds parted with the two teams of players and silence befell the astroturf.

Across the pitch, the players could hear a pin drop and were momentarily distracted while wondering who had brought a pin to a hockey match. Like a poor early 90s pop record, Rachel gallantly took one step back and two steps forward and struck the ball with a power described as ‘fair to average’. It sailed past the Saracens keeper and Rachel proudly took her place as goalscorer as well as goal saver.

We understand she will be firmly put back in her own net next weekend along with a brand new keeper kit. Upon receipt of the kit, Rachel discovered that both of the hand protectors had velcro openings. Unfortunately, she only discovered this after putting them both on. It is understood that Rachel is still down at the NSC following Bacchas’ training session, desperately trying to take them off.

Not content with successes of a hockey nature, Rachel has also signed up to undertake a highly impressive (at least it will be when she’s done it) 450 kilometre cycle in Kenya for the benefit of a number of cancer charities. Overman has a very short time to raise a sizeable amount of money, so any donations will be massively welcomed. You can donate at the following webpage for Rachel and her group –

Because we are exceptionally nice people, we have thus far not printed a story involving the words ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Glee’ (although we have been using it for blackmail, but that’s only fair). However, because charity is good, and Phoenix would of course be more than happy to help out his club companion, we promise to run the story if Rachel raises a decent sum from the hockey fraternity!


Speaking of rare goals, there have also been vicious rumours circulating of an incredibly unlikely goal from Vikings B hero Chris Hyde. Unfortunately, in order to feature goals in the blog we need someone at the club to validate the story and, understandably, no-one at Vikings seems able or willing to confirm that Hydie did actually score, so we’re going to put this down as a bad dream.

As the incident was alleged to have happen in an inter-club derby and it was Hyde’s birthday on the day, there are sadly whispers that it was a ‘pity’ goal. Nevermind, rumours have it that he actually has a birthday each year so plenty more opportunities.

And we may as well repeat much of the previous paragraph to note Sam Leigh’s unlikely scoresheet appearance the week before!


It’s been a very quiet few months from Our Glorious Leader, Laurence Watterson. Perhaps OGL is encamped down south making evil plans to suppress the populace early next year and resistance will need to rise at that point. We understand he has entered a new fitness and fashion regime and will shortly emerge looking like a Parisian fashion guru, or Paris Hilton...we’re not quite sure.

Either way, given all the stick that Pasty took from Our Glorious Leader in these pages last year, we’ll be paying the princely sum of 99p for any submissions regarding OGL worthy of conclusion on these pages. A bit like You’ve Been Framed, but without Jeremy Beadle’s beard - although Thad’s hair might actually be Jeremy Beadle’s beard...who knows?


Captaincy is a tough job: squads to manage, performances to review, tactics to think about and umpires to arrange. It was the latter that caught out Castletown Cushags captain ‘Cookie’ at the weekend, when he turned up on the day and was asked by his team who he had confirmed as umpire.

With a satisfied look on his face, Cookie informed his team-mates that they didn’t need to worry as it was on the list as ‘Unappointed’. Quite what Cookie thought this meant and why he therefore wouldn’t need to arrange an umpire is unclear, answers on a postcard please (preferably from Mr Cooke)!


An incredible week for predictions last week saw Pasty grab the bottom score with a still impressive 11 points, as Sarah Blackman leapfrogged Kim at the top of the table with an amazing 13 points and Thad pulled ahead of Pasty with the same score. Both forecast every result but one correctly and grabbed a perfect score each also.

This gives our predictions league table a familiar look to most Isle of Man hockey leagues, with a host of players trailing behind Vikings ladies...this week we add yet another feather to the bow of Rachel Overman, by offering her the chance to try to catch the Vikings, so come on Rachel, Bacchas need you!

Viva La Resistance!

Pasty and Thad

*Jen, thanks again but if you’re going to persist with those photos please do familiarise yourself with the Manx laws of publishing inappropriate content




Vikings A 6 v 2 Ramsey A

Bacchas A 3 v 2 Valkyrs A


Valkyrs C 4 v 1 Ramsey Ravens

Castletown Southerners 0 v 11 Vikings B

Bacchas Colts 2 v 0 Castletown Cammags

Bacchas C 4 v 1 Castletown Cushags



Vikings A 4 v 1 Ramsey A

Bacchas A 2 v 4 Valkyrs A


Valkyrs C 2 v 3 Ramsey Ravens

Castletown Southerners 0 v 8 Vikings B

Bacchas Colts 4 v 2 Castletown Cammags

Bacchas C 3 v 0 Castletown Cushags



Vikings A 5 v 0 Ramsey A

Bacchas A 2 v 1 Valkyrs A


Valkyrs C 4 v 3 Ramsey Ravens

Castletown Southerners 0 v 8 Vikings B

Bacchas Colts 1 v 2 Castletown Cammags

Bacchas C 2 v 2 Castletown Cushags (Cushags on flicks)

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