All the latest basketball results from around the Island.

Invisimail A (23) 43, Ron Smith Turkeys (22) 49 RESPLENDENT in their new crimson kit, Invisimail A took on arch rivals Turkeys in a potential league decider. If Invisimail won this crunch encounter Turkeys would lose their crown.

This proved to be an exceptional contest with the teams trading baskets for the majority of the game.

However, Ron Smith's men proved to be hungrier and sneaked into a lead in the second period with Gary Crosbie, playing a dominant role, scoring almost half of his team's points.

David Griffin for Invisimail A also produced a good all-round performance.

The lead was never to be regained by the Reds and the result has left the championship race wide open.

Turkeys bench suggested for publication: 'Just say we was great.' A happy camp.

MVP Gary Crosbie.

Invisimail B (15) 43, Ramsey Crookall Cavaliers (45) 96 THE enthusiasm of Invismail B, especially Ron Corlett, was no match for the nimble skill and multi speed of Cavaliers on this occasion.

The harmony of Scott Howarth and Carl Breadner running many a move planted a load of points on the board, leading Cavaliers to another big win.

All credit to Invisimail who, although short a few players, persevered to the finish to stop Cavaliers from attaining the 100 points they craved. Well played lads.

MVP Ron Corlett.

SBC (20) 50, Rim Rockers (31) 56 THIS entertaining bottom of the table clash could have gone either way.

By midway through the second half the sides were level pegging, but Chris Kennish stepped up a gear to steer the Ramsey team towards a narrow victory.

Steve Farrell put a good few points on the board for the losers.

MVP Chris Kennish.

Leapers (19) 38, Prontos! (19) 37 THIS was a disappointing result for Prontos! who thought they would clinch the league title after this game.

The teams were matched point for point for the whole contest with only the clock deciding the winner in the end.

A good all-round performance which both sides should be proud of.

MVP Helen Cullen.

Uz Girls (14) 28, Paramount City Slickers (11) 32 THIS encounter continued the theme of close scoring with the two sides evenly matched.

Although scrappy in the first period, confidence kicked in by the second and more points ended up on the board.

The result could have gone either way but it was Paramount who managed to find enough to claim the points.

MVP Tracy Gelling.

Sinners (12) 21, Serena Security Saints (20) 60 YOU can run, run, run after the Saints but you can never quite catch them.

Three members of the Saints side scored 10 points or more to create another confident win.

MVP Tracy Dentith.

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