TT 2016: Hutchy clocks first 130mph lap of week

Ian Hutchinson set the fastest lap of the week far during Tuesday evening'sd qualifying session (Photo: Stephen McClements)

Ian Hutchinson set the fastest lap of the week far during Tuesday evening'sd qualifying session (Photo: Stephen McClements)

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Ian Hutchinson recorded the first 130mph lap of the week during Tuesday evening’s TT qualifying session.

Hutchy clocked 130.63mph on the big Tyco BMW and was quickest through the Sulby speed trap at 196.8mph.

The Bingley Bullet was only slightly quicker than starting partner Dean Harrison who lapped at 129.022. Bruce Anstey improved to 127.37 on the RCV213S while Conor Cummins, Steve Mercer, John McGuinness and Peter Hickman all broke the 127mph barrier.

William Dunlop had stopped at Quarterbridge on his Superbike but returned to the paddock and rejoined the action on his Superstock bike while brother Michael also ran into trouble, pulling off the circuit before making his own way back to the Grandstand. However, the Ulsterman didn’t rejoin the session until 7.30pm on his Supersport bike.

Hutchinson switched to his Superstock BMW but Hickman, McGuinness, Cummins and James Hillier all went straight through and McGuinness went quickest at 129.62mph although he was only a fraction ahead of Hickman’s lap of 129.55. Cummins was also in the 129s while Mercer set his best lap of the Mountain Course, albeit unofficially, at 128.55.

Anstey improved again to 128.98mph while last year’s triple race winner Hutchinson went to the top of the Superstock leaderboard with a lap of 128.723mph. Meanwhile, newcomer Jochem van den Hoek from Holland was showing well with a lap in excess of 115mph.

Rutter then went second quickest in the Superstock class after lapping at 128.43 but a lot of attention was focussing on Anstey’s third lap on the RCV with his sector times showing he as on a flyer. However, he lost time coming down the Mountain and crossed the line at 128.85mph but Hutchinson had switched back to his Superbike with a lap of 129.5mph before saving the best until last with his 130.63mph lap.

Italian Stefano Bonetti was initially the quickest of the Lightweight with his lap on the Paton being 114.611mph with last year’s Manx Grand Prix winner Rob Hodson not far behind at 113.545mph.

However, there were all upstaged by last year’s race winner Ivan Lintin who went comfortably clear at the top of the pack after a lap of exactly 118mph.

Martin Jessopp went second quickest at 114.871mph with Bonetti’s opening lap seeing him hold onto third. James Hillier slotted into fourth (114.482) with Hodson (114.049) and James Cowton (113.444) completing the top six. Rutter did his first lap on the SGS International/KMR Kawasaki at 113.342mph.

In the Supersport class, Anstey was quickest with a speed of 124.51mph just ahead of Harrison and Hutchinson whilw Michael Dunlop got two laps in on his R6 Yamaha, the quickest of which was a fraction above 123mph.

Frank Gallagher (32nd) and Kamil Holan (Cruickshanks) both came off their machines in the session but both were reported as unhurt.

John Holden and Andy Winkle set sidecar pace.

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