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INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: Anna Clucas' paintings The Hideout, top, and A Stroll in the Park, bottom

INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: Anna Clucas' paintings The Hideout, top, and A Stroll in the Park, bottom

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MANX artist Anna Clucas is heading off the island next month to host her first international exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark.  

Anna graduated from the University of Wolverhampton in 2000 with a degree in printmaking and ceramics.

Returning to the island, Anna first found work as a crewing operator at a local shipping company. Soon however her oil paintings were brightening up their office walls, and she was quickly propelled into the Manx art scene. And she hasn’t looked back.

From being artist-in-residence at the Courtyard Gallery in 2005/2006 and exhibiting her solo show Thinking Africa, based on her travels to South Africa, her travels have now taken her to her first international solo exhibition.

Identity Across Boundaries showcases oil paintings inspired by Oresund, a vibrant region lying at the gateway to Scandinavia linking Southern Sweden and Denmark, and including cities such as Copenhagen, Malmo, Lund, and Ystad.

She explained: ‘These paintings are very much dominated by the Swedish and Danish landscape, encapsulating colours as I do, but they also have a child like wonder to them.

‘My two boys, aged four and six, travelled with me when I came to the region last summer, and I couldn’t help join in with their innocent view.’

She said: ‘One of the oils was painted from a photo I had taken on the bus coming back from our day playing on the beach in Falsterbo, a beautiful long sandy beach lying at the southern west tip of Sweden.

‘The sun was setting and the boys had their faces and hands pressed up against the window of the bus as kids do, smearing marks all over the windows. Instead of wiping the windows down to take a photo of this lovely sunset on the road I just took it with all the smears and marks. I loved the idea that I could incorporate my reality in the painting, after all my work is about my view and interpretation of the world, you couldn’t get more honest and true than that.’

Identity Across Boundaries will run in March and April at Copenhagen Culture Centre before travelling to different galleries in the Oresund until the summer of 2014.

Anna is currently one of the artists at the Isle Gallery at Tynwald Mills.


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