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Risso's dolphin by Niki Clear

Risso's dolphin by Niki Clear

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NOW is you chance to adopt a dolphin living in Manx waters!

The Manx Wildlife Trust is bringing you a new opportunity to help conserve our island’s wildlife, with its ‘Adopt a Risso’s dolphin’ scheme.

Eleanor Stone, Manx Wildlife Trust marine officer said: ‘Risso’s dolphins are beautiful, majestic and intelligent animals and we are lucky to find them right here in Manx waters.

‘Together with the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch, we have picked three of our Risso’s dolphins that are seen most often for you to “adopt”. Their names are General Muck, Goblin and Graihagh. By sponsoring one of our Risso’s dolphins for just £30 a year, you will help ensure that they can continue to enjoy living in Manx waters.’

She said: ‘Your money will go towards helping the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch learn more about Risso’s dolphins and help the Manx Wildlife Trust with our marine conservation work.

‘Not only will you be supporting this vital work, but you’ll also be sent a great adoption pack, including information about your chosen dolphin and a certificate. To make your pack really unique, you also get a cuddly Risso’s dolphin, which the Manx Wildlife Trust has had specially made for this scheme.

To find out more or to adopt a dolphin, go to the Manx Wildlife Trust website at or pop into the Wildlife Shop in Peel.

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