Beatbox blues from heymoonshaker

Heymoonshaker: Dave Crowe and Andy Balcon

Heymoonshaker: Dave Crowe and Andy Balcon

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Douglas, prepare yourself for a treat; Heymoonshaker is coming to town.

Stylistically, the dynamic duo sit on their very own branch, of their very own tree, in their very own forest.

Veterans of Mannifest 2012 may remember them tearing up the Chai Wallahs tent as one of the most talked about acts of the weekend, and the pair return tomorrow (Friday) evening for a show at Strand Street’s brand new Carnival Live Lounge.

Heymoonshaker is a band built around voices of beatboxing master Dave Crowe and the gravelled larynx of riffy blues guitarist Andy Balcon.

A free-spirited band deserve a free-spirited back story, and they’ve got one; the pair met on a crazy golf course in New Zealand 2009.

Later that same day, back at Balcon’s big yellow bus for debriefing and cocktails, the guitar came out for a jam, Crowe dropped a beat to Balcon’s raw tunes, and the rest is history.

Crowe recalls his new friend, on hearing the beatboxing for the first time, looking at him with wide-eyed joy; it was exactly the injection of energy he’d been looking for.

‘Nobody had ever looked at me like that,’ he said.

They busked their way down the coast to Christchurch, recorded a short album and spent the next few years gigging themselves silly.

Working in London got them involved with the festival-hopping independent music venue and underground showcase Chai Wallahs.

The music is better listened-to than described, but here we go; contemporary blues, grungy guitar work, with thick dubstep and hip hop beats and occasional harmonica beatboxing, peppered with Balcon’s Howling Wolf meets Tom Waits singing voice.

It’s infectious.

It gets the crowd going too, and when Heymoonshaker perform, they jam.

‘There is some structure, but I know what Andy’s gonna play as he’s playing it. I can feel it coming. I can feel his groove and his vibe,’ said Crowe.

The UK-born pair have enjoyed stints living as full-time musicians in Sweden and France, where there are what they describe as fewer ‘closed doors’ than on home turf.

They are travelling creatives with alternative lifestyles, and you only have to watch a video on YouTube and see how much social interaction on the street they stir.

Tickets for the Carnival gig are £5 on the door, and it’s first come first served.

Doors open at 5.30pm, which seems a little early, but the venue doesn’t have a massive capacity, so it could be a wise move to get yourself there earlier rather than later.

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