‘Bring on the girls’ art exhibition begins

Bring on the Girls art exhibition at Laxey

Bring on the Girls art exhibition at Laxey

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An all-female line up of artists feature in the Hodgson Loom Gallery’s latest exhibition, which is previewed tomorrow (Friday) and runs throughout September.

Mother and daughter Anne and Sarah Pitts, Claire Pullinger and Charlotte-Jane Henry are the creative forces behind the collection of watercolours, abstracts, prints and etchings, to be displayed in the gallery at Laxey Woolen Mills, Glen Road, Laxey.

Gallery curator Julia Ashby Smyth described the collection as ‘a fine menagerie of vivid abstracts, vibrant organic lino cuts, stunning graphic line work, intricate etchings and fascinating watercolours.’

On the ‘Bring On The Girls’ moniker, Julia admitted: ‘I was stuck on what to call it, and there was no theme. They all do such different things. The girls are spread in their ages, so it seemed an interesting title!’

The diversity is the exhibition’s defining feature.

‘There are some quite interesting pieces, it’s not all flowery and pretty,’ said Julia.

‘A couple of etchings that hit a little nerve here and there, and have a deeper meaning.’

The collection came about as Anne and Sarah are friends with Claire Pullinger, while Julia thought the etchings and paintings of Charlotte-Jane Henry would ‘fit in really well’ in an exhibition alongside the other three.

Claire’s work is more abstract, using techniques like ‘aqua tint etching’.

‘I’m not sure how they do it, I’m a pencil and watercolours person myself!’ added Julia, explaining the acids and presses used to create some of the art.

‘Sarah’s work is very classy, lots of good line work. Anne does these amazing watercolours, she has undertones of Archibald Knox I think. She is very accomplished.’

Julia added that very little of the work will have been seen before.

‘All Sarah’s is new, and the majority of Anne’s is new. A few of Claire’s and Charlotte’s people may have seen before,’ she said.

‘Sarah hasn’t exhibited for a very long time anywhere, we kind of cajoled her into it. Sarah Pullinger hasn’t exhibited for some time either.

‘It’s everything from very relaxing pictures of teddy bears to crowing cockerels, to tangled cottages, leaping hares, dancing figures and wild landscapes. There’s a good selection of different styles, colours, shapes and form.’

All are invited to pop into the preview evening tomorrow between 6pm and 8.30pm.

To access the gallery, enter the Laxey Woolen Mills shop and head up the staircase. The exhibition runs from Saturday through to September 28, open Monday to Saturday between 9am and 5pm.

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