Cheap flights, health and safety and dogging

Fascinating Aida cast

Fascinating Aida cast

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‘THOSE of a sensitive disposition, leave now,’ warns the perfectly respectable looking 60-year-old Olivier Award winning actress Dillie Keane.

The advice is delivered as she expertly twinkles the ivories of her grand piano, before launching into a charming ditty about cheeky nocturnal adventures with her husband Brian: ‘We were dogging, we were dogging. The heat was on to stop the windows fogging.’

The clip, from the song Dogging, is from a show from cabaret trio Fascinating Aida, and about sets the racy tone for the long-running three-woman production, which rolls into the Gaiety Theatre in Douglas on November 10.

The award-winning show is perhaps best well known for their satirical Cheap Flights piece, the group’s infamous anthem to budget travel that has clocked up millions of internet views on YouTube (‘if you haven’t prepaid to use the steps you’ll have to feckin jump!’).

Featuring the talents of Keane and co-stars Adele Anderson and Liza Pulman, the production is witty, inventive, rude and very well executed.

The musicianship and on stage vocal interplay is exceptional, and the set list is kept topical with songs like Down With The Kids and Health and Safety.

With the amount of energy on stage and a close to original cast, it’s hard to imagine the Fascinating Aida concept was first conceived back in 1983 for shows at a London wine bar.

Since then the show has enjoyed regular West End runs and national tours, nine albums of original material, two books and two DVDs, including a recording of the Cheap Flights show released in May this year.

Along the way Fascinating Aida has attracted three Olivier and one Perrier Award nominations.

Tickets for the show, not suitable for under 16s, are £19.50, available from the Villa Marina reception, the Sea Terminal Welcome Centre, on or call 600555.

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