Creatively Engaging is launched

Creatively Engaging's Stacey Astill, Verity Charlesworth and Jess Webb at the organisation's launch at Tynwald Hill, St John's

Creatively Engaging's Stacey Astill, Verity Charlesworth and Jess Webb at the organisation's launch at Tynwald Hill, St John's

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Fancy getting out and meeting new people, trying your hand at new activities or just sharing your memories of the island and its landmarks?

Well Creatively Engaging has been set up with these aims in mind.

A tea party was held on Sunday at Tynwald green in St John’s as a launch event for the organisation, which is seeking charitable status.

There were games, refreshments as well as the chance to share memories of the island at this historic setting.

The launch went ‘really well’ with around 50 people, locals and visitors alike, attending, said Verity Charlesworth, who along with Stacey Astill and Jess Webb has established Creatively Engaging.

‘I got some sound recordings of people talking about the Isle of Man. We started in the church hall, but then moved out on to the green by the road and lots of bikers enjoyed the cake!’

Verity explained that the aim of the organisation is creative engagement.

‘The organisation will be service user led; based on what people need. It might be we find lots of mums at home who want to get out more or new people to the island who want to get out and meet people,’ she said.

The intention is also to use Manx culture as a way of bringing people together. 

For example, encouraging people to talk about their communities and Manx life and enabling people to learn some of the Manx language while enjoying the walks the island has to offer.

Verity recognised that there are many organisations/charities that already offer social activities, and stated it would be their intention to link in with such where practical. For example, they have been in contact with the Southern Community Initiatives, which established the project Men in Sheds in Port Erin for men, particularly retired men, to enjoy the hobby of woodwork.

‘It’s not about doing things separate; it’s about joining in with that. Helping people not involved in things to go along,’ said Verity.

The focus of the organisation’s mission statement is to provide creative engagement to bring local people together through discussion of Manx culture and creative activities, with the hope that as users become more involved such as planning the activities, that they will grow in self-esteem and self-awareness and as a result will lead happier and healthier lives.

Anyone who would like more information about Creatively Engaging can email or visit the Creatively Engaging Facebook page.

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