Curtain to fall on Stars in their Eyes after November event

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Manx Stars in their Eyes will end this year after its thirteenth and final show on Saturday, November 15.

The hugely popular talent show, based on the 1990s television programme hosted by Matthew Kelly, has raised £200,000 for charities since it began in the year 2000.

2012 winner Alexandra Slater as Charlotte Church who sang Pie Jesu

2012 winner Alexandra Slater as Charlotte Church who sang Pie Jesu

One of the organisers, James Proudfoot, said: ‘We’ve decided to make this year our last show, hopefully not unlucky 13.

‘It sells out every year to 1,300 people, but I’ve got two kids now, Scott Christian has other business committments and a few of the other members of the team are busy too, so we just thought now was a good time, we wanted to finish on a high.’

James said that he will be sad to see it go and that he has lots of good memories from the shows.

‘It’s karoake on steroids. Every year the atmosphere is fantastic, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up,’ he said.

Asked about his favourite moments he said: ‘The crowd reaction to Pavarotti, when he started singing, it was just incredible, when he hit the high notes in Nessun Dorma the place just went bananas.

‘Little Charlotte Church as well, the atmosphere again when she hit her big notes was unreal. Getting Comedy Dave from Radio One to judge has been good.

‘We’ve had some funny judges, Milky Quayle, some cracking shows, some great winners, but we want to quit while we’re ahead.’

Manx Stars in their Eyes was started in the year 2000 by Scott and Joanne Christian, David Griffin and Paul Moran as a one-off night.

Scott was suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma but happily recovered and felt that he wanted to give something back.

Charities which have benefited from the show include Hospice, Rebecca House, Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation, Naseem’s Brain Trust, Oscar’s Dreams and Manx Miracles.

Among the winners have been Joanna Winterbottom as Toyah, Sharon Ross as Cher, Anthony Britton as George Formby, Stephanie Clift as Eva Cassidy, Mike Corkhill as Pavarotti, Charlene Cowin as Celine Dion and Jodie Teare as Duffy.

James said: ‘It had a couple of years off when there was no Villa or Summerland and I got involved when it started again and through knowing Paul.

‘I started making videos for them and doing some big screen stuff.’

So is there any chance of a return for the show in the years to come?

‘If we do something again I don’t think it will be Stars in their Eyes, it’s run its course,’ said James.

‘If we’re twiddling our thumbs two or three years down the line we might get itchy feet again.

‘The social side is brilliant, working with all the singers and dancers, doing all the filming, it’s good fun, but it’s a lot of work, at the end of the show no-one wants to see each other for six months.’

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