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YOUNG TALENT: Members of the island's Academy of Dance. Photo by Olga Whamond

YOUNG TALENT: Members of the island's Academy of Dance. Photo by Olga Whamond

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YOU are invited to experience the work of some of the island’s best dance students on March 1 and 2.

An Evening of Dance 2013 in the Gaiety Theatre will feature about 170 dancers, aged four to 20, performing classical ballet, theatrical modern dance and contemporary dance. The extravaganza is hosted by the island’s Academy of Dance and will feature all of its students, including those studying GCSE dance.

Owners Pippa Salter and Mari-Louise Britz explained: ‘This year we have sourced most of our costumes from the United States. And they are fantastic. ‘We feel that costumes are equally as important as the actual piece itself, so this year we have gone all out to give the wow-factor to each of our performance pieces.’

They added: ‘We have a completely varied programme as always, which keeps the audience under suspense as to what will come next and this year we have gone a lot more theatrical in all our performances, making the show very vibrant, fun, entertaining and most of all exciting and appealing to all audiences.’

‘Rehearsals have been going very well and we are now looking forward to getting into the theatre,’ they explained, ‘after all, dance is about performing to an audience and giving every student that amazing opportunity to perform in our wonderful theatre.

‘And we are very proud to have Beth Teare and Giles Duncan back to perform with us after having left to go to Dance School in September.’

The pair, who have been selected as the Manx Youth Ballet choreographers this year, thanked all the parents who work hard behind the scenes. The shows start at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £14 with concessions available. Call 600555.

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