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Music reviews by Peter Naldrett


Young Kato: Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow

If you’re looking for a dynamic debut from a bright new outfit, look no further than six-piece Young Kato, who put out their first long-player next week.

Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow is a thoughtful and innovative record released through Republic of Music, the label also responsible for You Me At Six and Tame Impala.

The first single to come from the album is Children of the Stars, a rose-tinted look back in time at the band’s youth.

This is all about reflecting on a golden era and applies to all 90s kids who wish to travel back and live in that time forever, which doesn’t seem such a bad idea to me.

It takes inspiration heavily from Australian electro pop and gives a different kind of sound to the previous material they’ve put out.

You’ll also find a theme of impatience running through much of Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow, but Children of the Stars takes a different approach and stands at odds to the ‘do it here and now’ feel of the record.

The band have proved popular among critics, and fans are also starting to warm to them – their Twitter account now brimming with more than 15,000 followers.


Django Django: Born Under Saturn

The new album from Django Django is out next week, Born Under Saturn following up their successful 2009 debut and giving them a big sounding return.

Don’t get the impression, though, that they’ve been putting their feet up and having a rest between records.

Dave McLean travelled to Mali with Damon Albarn’s African Express and also worked on the score for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Jacobean tragedy The White Devil.

The band also created a song for the film Slow West.

It gave the respite needed to turn attention to their storming second album.

Dave said: ‘When we were writing the lyrics there were lots of references to rebirth, turning a new page and starting something again. I guess that’s something we all felt.’

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