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DRAMATIC PROSPECTS: Georgina Fox Ogden stars in the first film of the island's new Reel Life Education Project

DRAMATIC PROSPECTS: Georgina Fox Ogden stars in the first film of the island's new Reel Life Education Project

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A MANX-made educational film could be used in island and UK schools following its successful premiere at the Villa Marina’s Broadway Cinema last Thursday.

Amy is the pilot in a new Reel Life Education project which hopes to make a series of short films dealing with issues affecting young people here in the Isle of Man but also all over the world.

It follows the story of a young girl starting out in university who ends up in trouble. The film looks at Amy’s choices in getting home after a night out and how making the wrong decision can effectively change your life forever.

Amy was shot here in December using island cast and crew. It stars Georgina Fox Ogden and is directed by Dave Armstrong, of the Running Media Group.

Bev Lawley, of Ex-Isle Films, and Tony Wright, who has a background in education, produced it. Director of photography was John Craine and the editor was Simon Harris. The script was jointly written by Bev, John and Dave.

‘Georgina has never acted before but she was a natural – very endearing and believeable,’ said Bev.

‘And John Craine is an amazing cinematographer who with his camera techniques and vision gave this film the cinematic feel that people will engage with.

‘The thing that is different about our films is that they look like a proper cinematic film as opposed to the usual educational films.’

‘Amy had an unbelieveable reception at the premiere,’ she explained. ‘We even received congratulations from Tynwald President Clare Christian and the chief constable told us he had been blown away by it.

‘We were absolutely delighted and it means we are good to go forward with the project.’

She explained: ‘We are hoping the films will now be shown in schools here and we would like to take them into the UK too.

‘We hope that, due to the amazing feedback we received last week, we will be able to secure future funding for the next film.

‘We’ll hopefully be in pre-production in the next four to six weeks after the script has been completed.’

Each short film would last about 10 minutes. The scheme has been developed in conjunction with the Isle of Man Constabulary to tackle the issues they have highlighted as their greatest concerns.

Bev explained: ‘The issues we hope to deal with are those that young people feel have a huge impact on their lives and we hope to talk to a cross section of young people, the police and education. They could include drugs, binge-drinking, drink/drug-driving, bullying and cyber bullying.

The project aims not only to screen the films to young people but to actively get them to participate creatively in telling the stories that affect them the most. Students will therefore be asked to submit ideas, scripts and even their own films, with the best ones being made professionally by the project.

The premiere was attended by the Isle of Man Cconstabulary, the chief executive of education plus Tynwald representatives.

The main sponsor was Axa Isle of Man which funded 50 per cent of the film. The rest was sponsored by Aon, Jaks, SES Satellite Leasing, Skandia International, Sure and Tower Insurance.

An SES Satellite Leasing spokesman said: ‘We are proud to sponsor the Reel Life Education Project, which provides such a valuable resource to the young people in the island. We sincerely hope that through this project young people are able to educate themselves and make wise choices for their future.’

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