Freedom to Flourish at Laxey Mills gallery

Mist and Trees by Georgina Wrigh

Mist and Trees by Georgina Wrigh

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An exuberant, eclectic mix of styles, colours and textures to stimulate the senses is now on offer at the Hodgson Loom Gallery until Saturday, May 18.

Flourish is an exciting collection of contemporary work by artists Elizabeth Orchard, Cas Powles, Brigid Stowell and Georgina Wright.

Visitors are invited to enjoy the flowing abstract styles on canvas and silk by Florentine artist Elizabeth Orchard; delve into the dark delights of Alchemy by Cas Powles; celebrate Brigid Stowell’s Douglas townscapes and promenades; and be dazzled by the richly patterned abstract landscapes of Georgina Wright.

• Elizabeth Orchard is of Anglo-Dutch descent, now living in Florence, but also spends a lot of time here in the island. After an early career in fashion, she created a very successful business in designing decorative gesso mouldings. Since moving to Italy, she discovered her natural talent for colour design and creativity could be best expressed by painting. Working in oil and acrylic, her flowing, largely abstract, capture the essence and beauty of the seasons or are more meditative studies, soothing the spirit.

• Cas Powles’s Alchemy installation explores the obsession with self and self re-invention. It relates to the many choices we make to present an image of ourselves to the world, an image created like a second skin, a layer of protection often hiding our own perceived flaws and weaknesses regarding personality. Sat in front of a mirror we turn to the alchemy of self re-invention, from perceived plain to perfect, by applying layer after layer of clichéd choices to create who we want to be. Bee sting lips, razor smile, eye colour, false hair, false nails, padded shoulders, the list is endless.

• Brigid Stowell’s paintings are a continuation of her personal project to paint the streets of Douglas. For this exhibition she has branched out, moving further afield to the areas around the promenade and the quay. The more open, expansive feel to the promenade has produced paintings that are very different in composition and colour to her previous paintings, bringing in new techniques and collages.

• Georgina Wright trained at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and the Royal College of Art in London. She has worked as a designer, mainly in the Scandinavian market for contemporary textiles and as a consultant to the automotive industry as a future forecaster of trends and colours. The desire to follow the principles that good design should be affordable and fit for purpose has led her to create products from initial hand woven experiments as well as work on industrial projects such as the interior of the Heathrow Express and the future of the Volkswagen Golf.

The gallery is above Laxey Woollen Mills. Call 861395 or visit

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