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ADHD FILM: Scott Bradshaw's Ibiza: My Way Or The Highway will be released on DVD next week

ADHD FILM: Scott Bradshaw's Ibiza: My Way Or The Highway will be released on DVD next week

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ONCHAN man Scott Bradshaw saw an important part of a multi-media mission come to fruition on Monday, with the official release of his first book: Another Dysfunctional Head Day.

The book is a collection of theories, observations, recollections and advice on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), from a man who believes the condition is grossly under-studied and can be viewed as a gift, rather than a mental disorder.

The book is on the shelves at HMV, WH Smith and Waterstones in the island, as well as smaller independent shops, and Scott said plans are for it to filter through to UK stores soon, as well as online retailers, including a Kindle version.

The reception so far has been good.

‘I will be doing a signing session at HMV on Saturday, and I’m doing a talk for parents on ADHD at Anagh Coar school in the next couple of weeks as well,’ said Scott.

‘The book is about what people can do, not doom and gloom.’

Scott, 41, completed his first feature film, Ibiza My Way or the Highway, earlier this year, based on his experiences and challenges of trying to establish a promotional company on the White Isle. Advance cinema previews have been a success in Douglas, Liverpool and Blackburn, and it’s due for full DVD release next week.

The soundtrack to the film, much of it specially commissioned, is set for a later release.

‘The reason I started the journey is ADHD,’ said Scott. ‘I have been trying for three years to get a specialist over here. They do have CAMHS [Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services] till age 16, but after that you can’t get diagnosed as having ADHD. You just get prescribed with anti-depressants, which isn’t right.’

The first film is yet to hit the shops, but downloads through have been brisk.

‘There have been people from all over the world downloading it so far,’ said Scott. ‘There is a buzz, and for everything to be clicking into place is really positive.’

My Way or the High was just the first of three Ibiza-themed movies Scott has in the pipeline, and the wheels are already in motion for the second instalment, which looks as though it will be an entirely different animal, featuring a few familiar faces.

‘It won’t be reality style, like part one. I want it to be a Monty Python style, full on comedy,’ said Scott. ‘Ciaran Griffiths from Shameless will be co-writing and starring in Ibiza My Way or the Highway Part Two.’

Scott revealed: ‘I can’t stress how excited I am about this, as I really rate Ciaran as one the funniest guys around. We will be writing it in January and February, and Rob Heeney will also be involved in writing again.

‘Subject to film one selling enough, we hope to start shooting in May and June.’

Lessons from the £65,000 budget debut have, of course, been learned, including sharing the burden.

‘I’m going to produce with someone,’ he said. ‘The problem with film one was, even though it wasn’t written that way, it has too much of me. Film two will have broader characters.’

One character that won’t change, is the hedonistic Spanish island itself.

‘Though I can’t get out there every summer,’ said family man Scott, ‘my love for Ibiza will never change.’

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