Gigantic satire heads for Gaiety

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GULLIVER’S Travels is so much more than the most famous story about a giant ever written.

It is a fantastic journey through amazing lands where horses rule, or saucers fly, it is a comedy, a satire and an epic adventure as profound as much of Shakespeare.

TNT Theatre Britain’s version of the Jonathan Swift’s tale has delighted audiences around the world and this winter they will arrive in the Isle of Man to share it with us.

The team behind many of the island’s outdoor summer productions will take to the Gaiety Theatre stage between Thursday and Saturday, December 6 -8.

Gulliver’s Travels recounts the story of Lemuel Gulliver, a practical-minded Englishman trained as a surgeon who takes to the seas when his business fails. In a deadpan first-person narrative, Gulliver relates the adventures that befall him on his travels.

Promoter Dick Ray, of Jersey International, said: ‘In an age where the world once again seems to have turned upside down, Swift’s caustic wit and irreverent honesty have never been more relevant.

‘Gulliver’s Travels is often debased as a children’s story, but has never been anything of the sort!

‘TNT will rescue this literary masterpiece from the pygmies who tried to turn it into a juvenile entertainment and create a play that asks us the very mature questions that Swift was posing three hundred years ago: What is the moral basis of government? What is the value of money? What is the aim of science?

‘And finally, when humans behave like vicious animals why should they be valued higher than beasts?’

He added: ‘TNT dramatise each of the four journeys and because satire is only sharp if it is contemporary, they naturally apply Swift’s critique to our own troubled world.’

Dick concluded: ‘If the themes of Gulliver’s Travels are deeply serious the form is often comic and always thrilling.

‘This is a great adventure story, a traveller’s tale that is all the more exciting for being a fiction.’

TNT’s production employs comedy, acrobatics, stilts, live music and razor sharp dialogue to explore Swift’s masterpiece and our own world.

The shows start at 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £20 (concessions for under-16s) and are available from the box office on 600555, the Villa and Gaiety receptions, the Sea Terminal Welcome Centre and online at

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