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Ross Noble

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‘I’m here because I’m such an excellent guest in anyone’s eyes,’ said Friday’s One Show guest Ross Noble, speaking shortly before the programme’s live broadcast from the Villa Marina, Douglas.

‘And also because it was coming from here they thought they should get someone on who appreciated the TT.’

The comedian famed for his surreal and random comedy is about to start another tour this autumn. Aptly named Tangentleman, it begins in Scotland and brings him back to the Isle of Man on February 17 for a show in the Villa Marina.

Before that, he’s filming another series of Ross Noble Freewheeling. The first series shown on the Dave television channel last autumn saw him travelling by motorbike around the UK to locations and events tweeted to him by fans.

The last series, aired in October, saw him visit the Ace Cafe in London, judge a WI baking competition, gate crash a wedding and meet Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee who performed an illusion for him.

‘It really is unscripted. We wake up in an hotel room check the Tweets we have and just decide where to go - anything that looks interesting. We don’t necessarily choose what makes a scenic trip we go for what looks interesting - one of them last time took us from London to Luton,’ he said.

He’s looking forward to it and enjoys the unpredictability of it all but there is one downside: ‘It probably means we won’t make it over to the TT this year because that’s when we are filming. Unless of course anyone tweets us to come over - you never know...In reality the practicality of getting a film crew across in TT week would be hard. Maybe next year though...’

Also on the June agenda is a charity event he’s supporting for Riders for Health - which is raising money to give health workers in Africa access to reliable, well maintained motorcycles and ambulances making medical acare available for 14 million people.

The event is on Saturday June 21 and will see motorcyclists from across the UK meet up at the MCN headquarters in Peterborough at 3pm. They will travel in groups or singly by whatever route they choose and along the way will complete a series of challenges tweeted to them by Ross.

‘I’m going to be tweeting various challenges. They might need to get photos or collect items on the way. I’m going to be promoting that so it makes sense to come to the home of road racing to do that - and to tell people I’m on tour, of course.

‘I’m not sure what the challenges will be exactly but I’ve some ideas. Without giving too much away people may be asked to collect something on the way, or be photographed with something or maybe even decorate their bike,’ he said.

Registration for the Last Mile Ride event costs £30 and can be done by logging on to www.riders.org/lastmileride

The stamd up tour will also take him to Australia which he will be doing in the early part of next year.

‘I lived there for five years and my wife is Australian,’ he said.

‘But we live in Kent now. I first went there about 15 years ago and and the Aussies really got into what I do. They are very laid back as a nation and I don’t really subscribe to this view that sense of humour varies in different countries.

‘They have some great roads over there too. While I was there I did 26,000 kilometres on my bike and there’s everything from long straight highways to twisty scenic mountain roads.’

Though he was only here for one night, he did manage to fit in a lap of the course with former TT winner Richard Milky Quayle, using a borrowed Yamaha MT09: ‘I always enjoy going past the Wildlife Park with the giant otter at the side of the road. I always wonder what the racers think as they fly past at 150mph and see an otter staring at them from outside the park.’

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