How TT zero has helped develop electric vehicle technologies

John McGuinness on an electric bike during last year's races

John McGuinness on an electric bike during last year's races

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Electric motorcycles have been part of the TT racing scene since 2009 and an event this week will discover how this has resulted in the rapid development of electric technologies.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Europe’s largest body for engineers, is holding an event taking place during the TT festival.

Speakers from Brammo, Ohio State University and Mugen, three teams involved in electric bike racing, and TT electric bike rider Rob Barber will talk about racing electric bikes and how this has helped develop electric vehicle technology.

The speakers will be joined by the Lieutenant Governor Adam Wood.

Stan Kewley, chair of IET Isle of Man, said: ‘In the last five years electric powered motorcycles have been part of the TT and we have seen the technologies developing hugely and the electric bikes gaining credibility.

‘This event, likely to be attended by over 100 professional engineers and their guests, will provide an insight from the teams involved into how they have developed the technology, which will ultimately be commercialised within the coming years.

‘We hope that through events such as this we can excite young people into the world of engineering and technology and show them how rewarding a career as an engineer can be. As one of the world’s largest professional bodies for engineers and technicians, the IET invests considerable time and effort in working to address the shortage of engineers, which will be crucial in delivering future growth and prosperity for the island.’

The IET TT Zero Seminar 2014, which is now fully booked, takes place on Thursday, June 5, at 7pm at the Salmon Lake Centre in Laxey.

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