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THE beautiful rolling hills of the Manx countryside depicted by Mauughold artist Sarah Devereau will be on display in the Sayle Gallery for just one more week.

The 71-year-old retired art teacher simply cannot go anywhere without her sketchpad. She paints and draws everywhere she goes, including in her garden and on her much-loved holidays to Italy and Greece.

It is no wonder she creates such wonderfully warm and sumptuous landscapes as she lives in a house with some of the most spectacular views of the island.

‘We have chairs all over the garden,’ she said, ‘and we move around them depending on where the sun is shining down. Whenever I get the opportunity I just sit and draw.

‘I love the colours in the summer – the sun and shadows.’

The mother of four is originally from Surrey but met Manx-born husband Mike while studying at The Slade in London.

‘I have always painted and drawn,’ she said. ‘And I’m a much nicer person because of it – if I didn’t I’d be extremely frustrated!’

While displaying her work in the gallery, Sarah has also led several workshops with school children aged 11 to 17.

‘Teaching is fantastic,’ she explained. ‘I have loved doing the workshops with the youngsters. They are so inspiring in the way they approach things.’

She added: ‘A lot of people could draw if only they were given some guidance and I like to try to overcome that for them. Putting a blank piece of paper in front of someone can make some feel quite daunted.’

During the workshops the pupils were presented with objects, from delicate snail shells to big bits of scaffolding, to draw.

‘I could see them getting better and better and they seemed to really enjoy it,’ she added.

As well as Manx landscapes, the exhibition also includes colourful sketches and paintings of donkeys, cows and cats, figures relaxing in the Mediterranean sun and the alleyways of Venice.

Alongside her finished paintings, Sarah has also framed her preparatory work. ‘I thought people often just come to an exhibition and only see a row of paintings and I always feel if they can see the drawings leading up to them it offers an idea of how the artist came to the finished product,’ she said.

Sarah’s next exhibition will be with wood sculptor Graham Hall at the Laxey Woollen Mills starting on June 18. To contact Sarah call 813955.

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