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WOULD you like to learn just how much of an impact nutrition has on everyone’s life?

Or even train to become a nutritional healing practitioner?

Now is your chance to find out more!

Naturopathic nutritionist Lesley Pierce and Nutritional Healing Foundation partner is visiting the island from Blackburn next weekend to give two talks - one on happiness and the other on stress.

These events have an ulterior motive as she is hoping to gauge how much interest there would be in a new part time practitioner diploma course to be run in the island, one weekend every month.

On Friday (March 4) between 7.30pm and 9.30pm, Lesley will present Good Vibrations, a talk about the connection between nutrition and happiness and how water, food and naturopathic healing techniques can raise our vibration.

The following morning, between 10am and noon, she will look at how learning to deal with internal stresses helps us deal with our external stresses.

Lesley said: ‘I think I have been passionate about health most of my life – perhaps because of having a granny who lived for over 100 years healthily, who was very keen on doing things nature’s way.

‘My first move into health as a career was as a student nurse at St James University Hospital in Leeds. However, as the years went by I became more and more attracted to the complementary/alternative ways of prevention and cure.’

She said: ‘After qualifying as a hypno-psychotherapist and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner, I worked both in private practice and at Rossendale and East Lancashire Hospices within their complementary therapy clinics, being involved predominantly with cancer care and sufferers of IBS.

‘Having now incorporated naturopathic nutrition into my practice and into my whole life, I realise how we can all rediscover our health and well being.....naturally.’

Talking of her introduction to nutrition, she said: ‘I kept hearing about the Nutritional Healing Foundation course, and after a few nudges managed to organise my life so I could attend.

‘Hand on heart I loved every second of it! Now, of course I know that we cannot separate mind, body or soul, so when we touch any one of those, we affect the others because they are all interconnected.

‘Consequently, when I qualified, this extra knowledge complemented my other work perfectly.’

She explained: ‘I am totally passionate about the whole naturopathic philosophy.

‘This information is desperately needed in the world today to give people more choice and to empower us all in being able to take responsibility for our own health and happiness. Everyone deserves to hear this information, whatever they choose to do with it!’

The foundation has held courses in the island previously, and due to further interest, Lesley is returning to introduce the idea of a new Practitioner Diploma in Nutritional Healing Course to begin at the end of April. It is hoped there will be enough interest to make the course worthwhile.

Everyone is welcome to attend the talks and people of all backgrounds are invited to undertake the course.

‘People attend the course for many reasons,’ said Lesley, ‘for their own interest, for finding some solutions to their own health challenges, and of course to gain the qualification and use this extra dimension to their existing discipline or set up anew in their own clinical practice.’

Diploma students will learn the basics of naturopathic philosophy. They will look at what is going on at a cellular level, understand how people get ill in the first place, address hydration, diet, purposeful supplementation, learn ancient naturopathic healing techniques, discuss the effects of the moon cycles and much more.

They will also learn how to encourage the body to cleanse and support it as this happens by opening routes of elimination.

‘This knowledge is just so important in this day and age,’ said Lesley. ‘We need to reclaim our natural ability to heal ourselves. Every human being has this inate healing ability within them. We go against nature at our absolute peril.The magic of nutritional healing is that it works.’

She explained: ‘Why it works and how it works is quite simple – we work with the body, not against it. It is both a wonderful art and a fascinating science.

‘Sadly, many people are struggling with their health and happiness – feeling disempowered and not realising that their food, drink and lifestyle choices are contributing to their continuing decline.

‘We become ill through becoming more acidic by our food and drink choices, through what we put on our skin, the things we breathe in, come into contact with. And our thoughts and beliefs have a massive bearing on our health, as do our emotions.’

She said: ‘Nutrition is all about how we nourish ourselves. This includes hydration, ie drinking good quality water, eating “real” food as nature provides, wholefoods with nothing removed or added, more alkalising foods that have a vitality to them, foods that are packed full of vitamins, minerals, good oils and phytonutrients.

‘We also nourish ourselves by our thoughts and by being kind to ourselves and having fun! However, it’s not just what we put into the body that is important, it’s also what we can get out of it too! Our whole treatment plans are to help create movement and flow in the body, mind and soul.’

Lesley’s talks will be held at Centre 21, Greenfield Road, Douglas, and will include herbal teas and nibbles. There is no charge but attendees will be asked to make a donation to the Wish Upon a Dream children’s charity.

For more information and to reserve a place this weekend, contact Lesley on 07900 953001 or email lesleyuna@talk21.com


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