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‘HOSPICE is not a place to be feared and it is not somewhere that everyone goes to die.’

That is the poignant message of breast cancer survivor Liz Courtie, who says her time spent at Hospice Isle of Man was a very special time in her life.

The Onchan artist is now celebrating her recovery with a photography and glasswork exhibition shared with her fellow Isle of Man College HND art students Sharon Watterson and Ben Hickey.

The exhibition, being held in Erin Arts Centre, is part of their course but is also a way for Liz to say thank you to the facility and to help raise some cash for it.

Hospice helped her heal from cancer but it also, through art therapy sessions with Lynne Ansell, renewed her love of art.

Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. But she has come out of the ordeal a completely positive woman who lives everyday to the full.

Not only has she become engaged to her highschool boyfriend, having bumped into him again recently, but she is now a full-time art student.

‘I want to promote Hospice and tell people it is a place to go to have your mind put at ease or to heal,’ she said.

‘To allay any fears people have that everyone who goes there will die - look at me now!’

The exhibition, which opened on Tuesday (May 10) and will continue until Sunday, June 5, includes the work produced by the three students in the last two years on their course.

Last night (Thursday), Liz hosted a charity night for Hospice. She made some pieces especially to be sold on the evening. Proceeds from some of the artists’ sales went to the charity.

Liz said: ‘I can’t believe the work I have produced - especially while still in recovery and going to Hospice at the same time.

‘I wouldn’t have explored my art if I hadn’t had the cancer – and now I’m doing it full time.’

The Erin Arts Centre, in Port Erin, is open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 10.30am and 4.30pm.

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