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The Manx Natural Healing Centre is marking the 20th anniversary of it becoming a registered charity by holding a ‘healing fair’ in Douglas at the weekend.

Since its conception in 1994 the centre has aimed to help many to adopt what it calls ‘healthier, harmonious and balanced lifestyles’.

Some have used their experiences to become therapists themselves.

The fair will take place on Sunday (May 11) at Centre 21, Greenfield Road, and Douglas.

It will be opened at 11am by Dr Frank Vaughan, a local GP and there will be taster sessions of various complementary therapies, workshops, a raffle and light refreshments throughout the day until 4pm.

Wendy Wilson, chairman of the centre, said: ‘We all have and can use the gift of healing whenever or wherever there is a need or an imbalance of energies whether in the mind, body or spirit.

‘A parent will “kiss it better” when a child falls and hurts itself. A compassionate hug allows a flow of energy which can be felt as a comforting warm blanket.

‘The art of healing is an ancient one and recognised in many different cultures throughout the world.

‘Tapping into the complex energy systems of the body, felt or seen by some therapists, can now be proven with special instruments. Quantum physics demonstrates that everything is made up of energy and such therapies as vibrational medicine and acupuncture are becoming more widely accepted in the western world.’

She added that stress was now recognised as one of the main factors leading to ill-health and disease.

‘Taking regular time out from hectic lives, whether through complementary therapy, massage or meditation can aid existing health conditions and help prevent them in the future,’ said Wendy.

The Manx Natural Healing Centre has information on qualified local therapists and various therapies such as craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, hot stone therapy, reflexology, ayurvedic massage, aromatherapy, quantum touch, all of which supporters say support and complement traditional medicine.

For more details about the Manx Natural Healing Centre phone 393735.

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