New Manx Gaelic greeting cards

Manx Gaelic greeting card, translated as Bon Voyage

Manx Gaelic greeting card, translated as Bon Voyage

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A mother and daughter have combined their skills to create a fresh collection of Manx Gaelic greeting cards.

The collection focuses on words, numbers, and a rich variety of colours and textures.

New baby Manx Gaelic greeting card

New baby Manx Gaelic greeting card

The art project supported by Island of Culture – a year-long celebration of the island’s talent and creativity, led by the Isle of Man Arts Council – has been undertaken by Margaret Claydon and her daughter Elly Kelly.

Margaret is an artist and former member of the Isle of Man Arts Council. Elly is a specialist in digital photography and design, and is presently studying for an MSc in digital forensics. Together, they have combined their very different skills to create the cards.

They have combined techniques from the fine art and the digital realms, drawing from contemporary art sources such as Mattisse, and trying to step away from the more traditional ‘stuffy’ portrayal of the Manx Gaelic.

The resulting collection, they say, is playful and vivid, as well as educational, and aims to promote the Manx language in an engaging way, especially for children.

The Cooid Ghaelgagh Collection could not have been possible without the help of Chris Sheard of Culture Vannin (formerly the Manx Heritage Foundation) who has provided Manx translations for all of the cards. This has sometimes been an interesting challenge, for instance when asked how to convey ‘Another Little Manxie’ for a birth announcement card, he offered the kindly Manx phrase ‘Another dear little Manx person’. They have also been working with Stephanie Crellin of Manx National Heritage to ensure a comprehensive range of cards for all occasions.

These greetings cards are initially available from the Manx Museum shop, the Sayle Gallery, Presence of Mann at Laxey Woollen Mills and at various events throughout the year to celebrate the Island of Culture.

They will also be available from the website, which will be updated throughout the year as new designs and outlets become available. The intention is that all the popular categories of card will be translated into the Manx language by the end of the year.

Visit the website to see the first release of designs, or look up the Facebook page ‘Fishwallop’.

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