Newton Faulkner has a great album out this week

Newton Faulkner's new album Studio Zoo

Newton Faulkner's new album Studio Zoo

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Newton Faulkner

Studio Zoo

Brit-nominated acoustic virtuoso Newton Faulkner has a great album out this week, with a few special appearances on Studio Zoo adding to the charm.

Previous albums have made sure Faulkner has celebrated a couple of number ones, had multi-platinum sales and has been able to get his great singer-songwriting talents to a wider audience. And a good thing too, because this is another record with some great songs.

Listen out for Where to Start, Plastic Hearts and Don’t Make Me Go There.

But there’s no need to introduce the best songs to his fans because they may well be very familiar with them already thanks to the extraordinary and superbly forward-thinking manner in which Studio Zoo was recorded.

Faulkner made history during the process by live-streaming the whole process on the internet. Not just a few snippets, either. The whole job lot, 24/7 coverage for five weeks was put on there, broadcast from his home studio.

It Faulkner’s life into The Truman Show for just over a month, or a kind of musical Big Brother.

So fans could log in online to follow every detail of the recording process, including the ups and downs, dramas and the laughs.

There was even a chance to see X Factor’s Janet Devlin when she popped in to help out, and see Ted Dwayne from Mumford and Sons call in to contribute.

Faulkner will release Losing Ground as the first single from the CD in a couple of weeks, and he said of the song: ‘It’s about battling on even when you know you’re on the back foot.

‘You go through ups and downs and it’s about being in a down but being ok with it, because you know there must be an up on the way… hopefully.’

Another feather in the cap for the guy who has just sold out a world tour and seen one and a half million of his records being bought.

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