Ocean Colour Scene: festivals and fire alarms

Ocean Colour Scene frontman Simon Fowler

Ocean Colour Scene frontman Simon Fowler

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Ahead of this evening (Thursday’s) concert at the Villa Marina, Island Life caught up with Ocean Colour Scene frontman Simon Fowler.

Will it be your first time in the Isle of Man?

Simon Fowler: ‘No we played many years ago, and my memory is being kept awake from lads from Manchester and Liverpool constantly setting off the hotel fire alarm.’

What kind of set list can the Manxies expect, will tracks from new album Painting feature?

SF: ‘A few from the new album but everyone can expect their favourites.’

Tour schedule-wise, OCS seem in high demand in 2013. There weren’t many other 10-album veterans on the bill at V Festival?

SF: ‘If anyone deserves a pat on the back it is Ocean Colour Scene fans for keeping us in the spotlight for 25 years.’

Going back to your home area of Moseley, for the Moseley Folk Festival, to play your album Moseley Shoals this weekend has a nice symmetry to it, will there be a sense of occasion in the air that night?

SF: ‘There will definitely be a sense of occasion in the air that night along with the smoke from a thousand joints!’

Do you think the festival scene around the UK is about as vibrant as it has ever been?

SF: ‘There seems to be a lot more festivals these days although they seem dominated by pop acts which makes me feel nearly 50!’

How do you guys feel about the effect of Facebook/Twitter effect on music and engaging music fans; useful for getting word around or a pain in the backside to keep on top of?

SF: ‘You are asking the wrong person here but would you swap your calculator for some marbles?’

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